Committed to the financial well-being of Native communities

We're focused on working together with Native communities and tribal businesses to provide capital and financial services in order to help build a sustainable foundation now, and for many generations to come.

Five Wells Fargo Visa cards with unique designs

Introducing the Native Art Gallery card collection

Wells Fargo Visa card 1 with unique design by Steph Littlebird Fogel

Steph Littlebird Fogel

Wells Fargo Visa card 2 with unique design by Fox Spears

Fox Spears


Wells Fargo Visa card 3 with unique design by Crystal Worl

Crystal Worl

Wells Fargo Visa card 4 with unique design by Elias Jade Not Afraid

Elias Jade Not Afraid

Wells Fargo Visa card 5 with unique design by Maya Stewart

Maya Stewart


The Native Art Gallery card collection was designed by talented, up and coming Native artists across the country to celebrate Native American culture. Which one will you choose?

It's easy for Wells Fargo customers to customize a card:

  1. Sign on to the Card Design Studio® service.
  2. Select your eligible debit, credit, or prepaid card.
  3. Select Native Art Gallery in the image library.
  4. Select a design.

Customize your card

Card customization through the Card Design Studio service is currently not available on mobile devices.

Want to know more about our Card Design Studio service and card eligibility? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Since 2018, we have invested more than $50 million in national nonprofits throughout American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian communities. Through consultation with tribal members and leaders, we have funded grants in the following areas:

  • COVID-19 Relief
  • Housing Affordability
  • Financial Health
  • Sustainability
  • Diverse Scholarships
  • Small Business Growth

For more than 60 years, Wells Fargo has been a proud supporter of Native American and Alaska Native communities, and we continue to be the leading provider of capital and financial services to tribes and tribal-owned enterprises.

Wells Fargo has banking relationships with 4 out of 10 federally recognized tribes in the U.S. We have committed $3 billion in credit and hold $3.9 billion in deposits for tribal governments and tribally owned enterprises nationally, banking more than 400 Native American and Alaska Native tribal entities in 25 states.

No matter the size of your business, Well Fargo offers banking to help you meet your goals.

Commercial Banking — See what our deep industry experience, insights, and collaboration can do for your company.

Wells Fargo Works for Small Business® — Explore the resources we have available for small business owners.

Wells Fargo Business Online® — Not close to a branch? Discover what's possible with business online banking.

Our bankers have extensive experience working with tribal governments, tribal-owned enterprises and native-led non-profit organizations. To learn more, contact Dawson Her Many Horses, SVP & Head of Native American Banking, at:

Student able to study and be a caregiver to her family and chief

An American Indian Graduate Center (AIGC) Scholarship recipient was able to study without financial stress. This story honors the important work being done by AIGC with support from Wells Fargo to better prepare the next generation for the future.

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Entrepreneur empowered to keep her business running

Small business owners like Roxanne Best have been able to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to the Northwest Native Development Fund and a grant from Wells Fargo's Open for Business Fund.

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One home at a time, one building at a time, one family at a time

Wells Fargo spotlights work with the Hualapai Tribe in Arizona and the Cook Inlet Housing Authority in Alaska by allocating funds to build homes, reinvest in schools, and help rebuild communities, one project at a time.

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Supporting Indian Country during the pandemic

In the early months of COVID-19, volunteers in Arizona's medical community had amassed $20,000 worth of safety essentials that were in short supply. Wells Fargo connected the volunteers with local tribal leaders to get the resources where they were needed most.

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Rebuilding relationships to celebrate Native American culture

As the relationship between the Gathering of Nations and Wells Fargo enters a new chapter, the bank continues to strengthen its commitment to the American Indian and Alaska Native communities.

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How the first Native American in space is inspiring students

The American Indian Science and Engineering Society is helping Native American students connect with STEM careers, thanks to support from Wells Fargo.

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Generosity through food

The Makah Tribe has depended on the ocean for its food and livelihood for thousands of years. Now a new state-of-the-art fishing dock is helping establish economic stability for generations to come.

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Affordable solar power to the people

Thanks to new solar panels made possible by GRID Alternatives and Wells Fargo, a member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe in South Dakota has seen her utility bills drop significantly.

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Increasing homeownership

First Nations Oweesta Corporation teamed up with Wells Fargo & Company to offer $500,000 home down payment assistance aimed at increasing U.S. homeownership opportunities for Native Americans.

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Creating jobs through solar power

Wells Fargo commits $5 million to establish GRID Alternatives' Tribal Solar Accelerator Fund–supporting solar projects and job training in tribal communities.

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Main Street Lending

The Wells Fargo Native American Banking and Gaming teams joined forces and advised both the Federal Reserve Bank and the U.S. Treasury on how to make the Main Street Lending Program more accessible to tribal borrowers.

Community Support

Wells Fargo is supporting Native housing initiatives, and Native-owned nonprofits, across the country to bolster their COVID-19 response. The National American Indian Housing Council (NAIHC) and Wells Fargo created a new Housing Assistance grant program, which will provide nearly $1 million combined to 20 tribal housing programs to support rental and mortgage assistance for tribal members.

Open for Business Fund

Wells Fargo's Open for Business Fund is investing roughly $420 million in nonprofits to help small businesses stay open, including organizations like First Nations Oweesta, Lakota Funds, and Native360 Loan Fund which provide Native-owned small businesses with access to low-cost capital, experts, and recovery resources. Visit for a list of grant recipients and additional resources.