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Deposit Hold Questions

What is a hold?

A hold means that although a check amount was credited to your account, it's not available for your use. Wells Fargo Bank's general policy is to make deposited funds available on the first business day after the Bank receives a deposit. In some cases, however, we may place a hold on funds deposited by our customers.

What happens when a hold is placed on your funds?

During the time a hold is in effect, you should not write checks against or attempt to withdraw the held funds. If a hold has been placed, we may return checks that you have written if the aggregate amount of funds (not including the “hold” check) in your account is insufficient to pay the checks (which are subject to additional charges) or not process withdrawals against these funds.

How do we alert you to a deposit hold?

Wells Fargo Online® customers can sign on and access the Message Center through the More menu to view notifications regarding deposit holds.

What criteria are used when delaying the availability of funds?

Our decision to place a hold on a deposited check may be influenced by a number of factors, including but not limited to:

  • Any factors or circumstances that cause us to doubt that a deposited check will be paid by the institution on which it is drawn.
  • The length of time the deposit account has been open. For example, if the account was opened recently.
  • The frequency of overdrafts or returned checks on your account.

When will the funds be available?

Generally, if a deposited check is not returned unpaid, held funds will be available to you on the date we provide you. You will be notified separately of any changes to that date.

What happens if the check is returned unpaid?

If the check is returned unpaid by the institution on which it is drawn, the amount of the check plus our standard Deposited Item Returned fee will be deducted from your account. Please refer to your Account Fee and Information Schedule for current fees and charges.

What are Wells Fargo's responsibilities to you regarding a hold?

Wells Fargo is responsible for giving you prompt notice when there is a delay in the availability of your deposited funds. If you did not receive this notice at the time you made the deposit and the check you deposited is paid, we will refund any fees for overdrafts or returned checks that result solely from the additional delay we are imposing.

To obtain a refund of such fees, call the appropriate number below:

Consumer Accounts 1-800-869-3557

Business Accounts 1-800-225-5935

What are your responsibilities to Wells Fargo regarding a hold?

You may not use the delayed funds until they become available. To avoid overdrafts and overdraft fees, please do not attempt to withdraw or write checks against these funds.

When will your deposited funds begin to earn interest?

Any deposit to an interest-bearing account will begin earning interest within two business days regardless of the length of a hold.