Defeasance Services

Simplifying defeasance

Learn how defeasing your loan with Wells Fargo can be a seamless process.

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Wells Fargo can help you with the complex process of defeasing a loan. Our defeasance clients include individual borrowers, institutional investors, financial institutions, investment banks, and third-party investment groups.

The Wells Fargo advantage:

Experienced team

In the last 10+ years, we have served as Consultant on over 2,600 defeased loans totaling nearly $23 billion in defeasance transactions.

Simplified process

By acting in multiple defeasance roles on your behalf, we eliminate the complexity of having additional parties involved and therefore provide a comprehensive approach.

Defeasance consultant, successor borrower, securities intermediary, and servicer roles

Lower costs

We offer free quotes based on real time pricing and our strong relationships with third-party vendors allow us to negotiate on your behalf and pass the savings along to you. If we service the loan and the loan documents allow, we do not require borrowers to purchase securities through the maturity date, but through the open period. This benefit means huge savings for the borrower.

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Commercial mortgage-backed securities

Because we’re able to hold long-term real estate loans on our balance sheet, we can provide you with greater flexibility and better execution for traditional CMBS products. Learn more.