Relationship Managers

Meet the Relationship Managers at Wells Fargo Preferred Capital.

Merle Becker | Casey Johnson | Tom Romanowski | Michael Bohn | Ben Long | Jenna Sandberg

Merle Becker

Director, Relationship Manager

Merle joined Wells Fargo in 2002 after having spent ten years in corporate finance and credit in the consumer finance industry. Merle serves as Agent in a number of syndicated credit facilities and manages a portfolio which includes consumer loan companies, indirect auto finance, and captive auto finance companies.

Casey Johnson

Director, Relationship Manager

Casey joined Wells Fargo in 1992 as a merchant portfolio manager with Norwest Card Services. He later joined Wells Fargo Preferred Capital as a relationship manager in 2001 and then promoted to vice president in 2002.

Tom Romanowski

Director, Relationship Manager

Tom’s primary focus is managing clients nationwide and serves as Agent on syndicated credit facilities. Tom joined the Wells Fargo Preferred Capital team in July 2003. Prior to joining Wells Fargo, Tom had 18 years in the consumer finance, ABL and rediscount industries.

Michael Bohn

Vice President, Relationship Manager 

Michael began his career at Wells Fargo in Omaha, Nebraska in 1986. In 1989, he moved to Des Moines and initially joined Wells Fargo Preferred Capital in 2000. In 2003 Michael moved to Wells Fargo Financial to provide credit and risk analysis for the residential real estate, consumer, and commercial finance groups. He rejoined the Wells Fargo Preferred Capital team again in 2007.

Ben Long

Vice President, Relationship Manager 

Ben holds a certificate as a Certified Public Accountant and joined Wells Fargo in 2004 as a finance manager after spending ten years in insurance finance and private equity.  As a finance manager from 2004 - 2012 his teams provided pricing, forecasting, and financial analysis to Wells Fargo Preferred Capital and Wells Fargo Equipment Finance. From 2012 until rejoining the Preferred Capital team as a relationship manager in 2014, Ben worked in Wells Fargo's Corporate Development group providing complex deal modeling and analysis for mergers, acquisitions and divestiture strategies.

Jenna Sandberg

Vice President, Senior Underwriter

Jenna began her career at Wells Fargo Preferred Capital in May 2006 as a financial analyst. She focuses on credit underwriting and diligence of Preferred Capital’s portfolio clients and prospective customers while also supporting the Relationship Managers’ client portfolio supervision.