Executive Team

The Wells Fargo Preferred Capital executive team is committed to supporting the consumer finance industry and all its customers. We participate in numerous syndicated credits, in many cases acting as lead agent in these bank groups.

Tom Murphy | Steve Dostal | William M. Laird | Loren Love | Sharon L. Mancero | Harlan Thomas

Tom Murphy

Executive Vice President, Head of Consumer ABL and Wells Fargo Preferred Capital

Tom joined Wells Fargo’s predecessor, Norwest, as a credit manager in the firm’s U.S. Consumer operations in 1985. In 1992, he was promoted to director with Wells Fargo Financial. In 1997, Tom returned to Des Moines to start up the operations of Wells Fargo Preferred Capital. He was named Head of Wells Fargo Preferred Capital in 2006.

Steve Dostal

Vice President, Analytics Manager

Steve is the manager of analytics, focusing on both internal performance as well as client and industry trends affecting the consumer lending environment. Steve joined Wells Fargo in 2003 with Corporate Development, coordinating and evaluating activities related to Wells Fargo’s acquisition and divestiture strategy. Steve began his career with KPMG attaining the position of senior manager before moving on to other endeavors.

William M. Laird

Senior Vice President, National Portfolio Manager

Bill has been the national portfolio manager for Wells Fargo Preferred Capital since 2011. Based in Philadelphia, Bill oversees the relationship managers and credit analysts, along with the portfolio, and works with marketing to assess the viability of new transactions.
Prior to becoming national portfolio manager, Bill oversaw the Philadelphia-based operations and commercial portfolio. His experience in the industry includes auditing, marketing, and relationship management at CoreStates, Bank United, and Washington Mutual prior to joining Wells Fargo in 2002.

Loren Love

Vice President, Lead Underwriter

Loren is focused on prospect analysis, including structure analytics and modeling of complex deal structures, along with new product initiatives, and manages Preferred Capital’s underwriting team. Loren joined Wells Fargo in December 1998 and also spent four years in Risk Management working with Wells Fargo’s auto finance operations. He worked in public accounting for five years prior to joining Wells Fargo and holds a certificate as a certified public accountant.

Sharon L. Mancero

Senior Vice President, Marketing


Sharon’s responsibilities include the marketing and business development efforts for Wells Fargo Preferred Capital. Sharon began her career at Wells Fargo Financial Leasing in 1992 in Boston and was later transferred to St. Louis in 1996. In 1998 she was transferred Des Moines and in 2001 joined Wells Fargo Preferred Capital and later was promoted to senior vice president. 

Sharon serves as a board member of the American Financial Services Association (AFSA) Business Partner Board and as the president of National Automotive Finance (NAF) Association. Sharon is a graduate of the Isenberg School of Business, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Harlan Thomas

Vice President, Loan Administrator and Financial Analyst 

Harlan focuses on administration and servicing of customer accounts as well as the customer financial analysis and compliance process. Harlan joined Wells Fargo Financial as an associate accountant in the company’s Controller’s department in 1992. In 2000, he joined Wells Fargo Preferred Capital as a financial analyst.