AES | Decarbonizing the economy

President & CEO Andrés Gluski

Andrés Gluski
President & CEO
The AES Corporation

Decarbonizing the economy is a tremendous challenge. And we're not going to get there just by doing more of the same. We have to innovate.

AES is the biggest supplier of renewable energy to corporations in the world and to the large tech companies, which have the most ambitious goals and also the highest standards.

We’ve been an innovator in bringing new technologies to the sector. AES invented the 24/7 hourly match renewable product. This ensures that the energy they're actually consuming is renewable.

“AES helps us reach our renewables goals and structure meaningful solutions.”

Our clients’ needs are changing. So you need a partner like Wells Fargo who deeply understands this market. Wells Fargo works with us to find new ways to satisfy our needs in a very rapidly growing market.

Alok Garg
Head, Renewables & Asset Finance
Wells Fargo Corporate & Investment Banking

I cover all the renewable energy clients. And the biggest challenge that they’re facing right now is access to capital. 

We have a very broad and deep relationship with AES and we’ve been helping them achieve their goals. 

Wells Fargo's structured innovative bond program for AES, first of the kind in the industry. We have raised $4 billion for AES, and also committed more than a billion dollars in tax equity for them. 

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70% of the world’s internet traffic passes through Virginia and the Spotsylvania Solar Center is the largest solar facility east of the Rocky Mountains. 

Curry Roberts
Fredericksburg Regional Alliance

AES has been very engaged with the community. 

In the next 15 to 20 years, there'll be about 25 million square feet of data centers planned for our region.

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What excites me is to contribute towards abating climate change. I have a granddaughter. What can we do to leave her a better world?

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