Foreign Exchange for Corporates

Efficiently manage and address your FX needs with Wells Fargo’s comprehensive and bespoke solutions. With the ability to buy and sell more than 100 currencies, the Wells Fargo platform offers foreign currency services and solutions for multinational corporate customers.

FX Payment Solutions

We can provide you with the FX payment experience, technology, and operational support you require. Our flexible integration tools and online applications can help you facilitate foreign exchange and global cash management transactions quickly and efficiently.

Integration tools

  • Payment Manager® – A host-to-host processing service for bulk files of domestic and international ACH and wire payments. Streamline your global payments by sending a file with all payment types.
  • FX API – Interface and connect your core back-end systems or customer-facing internet platforms directly to Wells Fargo for real-time foreign currency payments.
  • FX SWIFTSM – Streamline your back office by routing all payments and other transactions to Wells Fargo through SWIFTNet, SWIFT’s secure and reliable connectivity channel.

Online applications available through Commercial Electronic Office® (CEO®)

  • Foreign Exchange - An intuitive, web-based solution that makes it easy to manage your foreign exchange needs. Customize workflows, request live market rates, and view comprehensive reporting on all your foreign exchange activities.
  • Wire Transfers - Send international and domestic wires using our standard payments platform available in CEO .
  • WATS FX ProfessionalSM – A high performance electronic platform for all your sophisticated trading demands.
  • Global ACH – Pay individuals or businesses across Europe (including SEPA, Single Euro Payment Area), North America, Asia, and the Pacific in their local currencies by sending non-urgent, cost-effective payments.

Additional services

  • Incoming Wires – Receive foreign currency for deposit into a Wells Fargo USD account by providing the Wells Fargo international SWIFT (WFBIUS6WFFX).
  • Request for Transfer (RFTs) – Move money out of non-Wells Fargo global accounts through wires.

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Currency Risk Management

Manage currency risk and protect profits by using foreign exchange hedging products to stay ahead of fluctuating currency markets.

Hedging strategies

Hedge foreign exchange risk in a wide range of foreign currencies, and implement customized strategies to help safeguard and strengthen your business.

  • Forward contracts – “Lock-in” foreign exchange rates for the exchange of currencies on a future date to protect profit margins.
  • Currency options and option strategies – Tailor a customized currency hedging strategy that fits your risk mitigation needs. Option strategies can often be structured with little or no upfront payment.
  • Non-deliverable forwards – Hedge foreign exchange risk in markets for which standard delivery of a currency is not available.
  • Cross-currency swaps – Hedge long-dated foreign exchange risk by creating an appropriate asset-liability capital structure.

The transactions described herein involve potential costs and risks. Please review roles, responsibilities, and risks.

Banknotes (Foreign Currency Cash)

Whether you have employees or customers regularly traveling abroad or find yourself taking in foreign currency as payment, Wells Fargo has efficient solutions that integrate seamlessly into your existing business processes.

  • CurrencyTeller® online application – Add this simple and secure web-based platform that can be customized with your logo to your back office, customer service center, or at point-of-sale. Use CurrencyTeller to instantly calculate rates, order or buy-back foreign currency, and receive prompt delivery.
  • Foreign currency cash vault – Take advantage of our streamlined processes by depositing your foreign receivables with your U.S. Dollar transactions, for processing at one of Wells Fargo’s three specialized foreign currency cash vault locations.
  • Dedicated customer service center – Call our foreign currency call center and receive prompt and knowledgeable assistance with banknote orders, support, and guidance.

All of our products and services include consultative, one-on-one service from our experienced foreign currency specialists, who take the time to understand your needs and recommend a customized approach.

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