Global Receivables and Trade Finance

Global Receivables and Trade Finance 

Global Receivables and Trade Finance supports companies with a range of trade and receivables products, including: documentary trade (commercial letters of credit, standby letters of credit, and demand guarantees) and other trade financing products, supply chain financing options, true sale draft purchases (avalized, banker’s acceptances, trade acceptances), receivables purchase, receivables securitization, and international, domestic, and true-sale factoring, providing a holistic approach to an enterprise’s working capital risk-mitigation and financing needs. 

Accounts receivable financing 

Help accelerate cash flow, improve collections, and mitigate risk with working capital financing to support your business now and over time. 

Receivable securitization programs 

Non-recourse accounts receivable-based financing, both on and off balance sheet. 

Supply chain finance and International factoring 

Financing programs that provide solutions to offset a buyer’s need to extend DPO (days payable outstanding) versus a seller’s needs to shorten DSO (days sales outstanding). Wells Fargo can support both payables and receivables, trade acceptance purchases, key accounts purchase program, and supplier finance. 

International trade services 

Letters of credit (including commercial, private label, usance payable at sight, standby/demand guarantees, and commitments to honor or negotiate), clean banker’s acceptances, documentary collections, and open account programs suited to help you manage risk and working capital through the full cycle of your importing or exporting activities. These products can be used through Wells Fargo’s online trade platform, provided free of charge. 

International factoring  

Working with financial institutions globally, international factoring offers financing options for cross-border factoring that may benefit you, your clients, and your clients’ customers. These benefits may help accelerate cash flow, lower the risk of overseas sales, open new markets with open account terms, reduce bad debt losses, and convert costs from fixed to variable. The comprehensive service package includes credit protection, accounts receivable management, and funding against factored clients’ receivables in qualified cases/countries.