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Account Activity

Manage your money online

Need up-to-date information on your accounts? Done.

Quick access to your money

Stay in the know

With a few quick clicks, you can:

  • Search up to 18 months of transaction history.
  • Know your available balance and pending transactions.

Information, fast

You can quickly:

  • Sort your transactions by deposits, checks, or withdrawals.
  • Set up or modify alerts.

At your fingertips

Locate your account or routing number, or view the front and back of your check images.

You’re in control

Manage your money from your desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet, with easy access to download your transactions.

Access features quickly:

  • Sign on to view account activity .
  • Simply select your account to view activity.
  • From Account Summary, click the vertical dots next to your available balance to transfer money, pay bills, or view statements.

Frequently asked questions

What is my available balance?

Your available balance is the most current record we have about the funds that are available for withdrawal from your account. Your available balance includes:

  • All deposits that are available and withdrawals that have posted to your account. It is adjusted throughout the day as we authorize or receive notice of pending transactions. Some pending deposits, such as incoming wire transfers, electronic direct deposits, and cash deposited at a Wells Fargo branch or Wells Fargo ATM, are available for your use on the day we receive the deposit.
  • A portion or all of your check deposits made at a Wells Fargo branch, Wells Fargo ATM, or by mobile deposit may be available for your use on the day we receive the deposit, subject to your available balance. If funds are not available on the day of deposit, refer to your deposit receipt for the funds availability date. Funds not available on the day of the deposit will typically be available the next business day, unless a longer hold is placed on the deposit. Refer to the Availability of Funds Policy in the Account Agreement for detailed funds availability information.
  • Pending withdrawals, including debit card transactions we authorize and authorized payments known to us, reduce your available balance.

Why are my available and posted balances different?

Available balance is the most current record we have about the funds that are available for your use or withdrawal. It includes all deposits and withdrawals that have been posted to your account, then adjusts for any holds on recent deposits and any pending transactions that are known to the Bank. This balance may not reflect all of your transactions, such as checks you have written or debit card transactions that have been approved but not yet submitted for payment by the merchant.

What is a deposit hold and why was a hold placed on my deposit?

A deposit hold means that although a check amount was credited to your account, it's not available for your use. Wells Fargo Bank's general policy is to make deposited funds available on the first business day after the Bank receives a deposit. In some cases, however, we may place a deposit hold on these funds and delay availability for up to 7 business days. Common reasons for placing a hold on a check or deposit include but are not limited to:

  • Accounts with frequent overdrafts
  • New customer
  • High-dollar deposits that exceed the total available balance in the account
  • Deposits of checks that have already been returned unpaid
  • Notification to Wells Fargo by the check maker’s financial institution that the check will be returned

Account activity FAQs