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Deposit Details

With Deposit Details, we make it easy for you to access detailed information about your deposits from the security and convenience of Wells Fargo Online®.

With Deposit Details you can:

  • Save time by conveniently accessing critical deposit-related information online.
  • Stay in control of your finances by having important transaction details, such as the date, and total amount, at your fingertips.
  • There's no cost for accessing Deposit Details on your consumer accounts. This service automatically comes with Wells Fargo Online.

How It Works

After you've signed on to Wells Fargo Online, go to the Account Activity page, and select the View Details link located next to a deposit transaction.

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Online Check Images

Need a copy of a check? With Wells Fargo Online you can view and print clear, scanned images of the front and back of checks you've written. It's easy, free, and convenient.

With Online Check Images, you can:

  • View images of your checks that have posted to your account.
  • Confirm who you wrote the check to, how much it's for, and when it was cashed.
  • Print or save check images whenever you need to.
  • Simplify your filing system by cutting down on paper storage - and reduce clutter.

View your checks online now!

  1. Enroll for Wells Fargo Online or apply for a checking account with online access.
  2. Sign on and go to Account Activity, then click on the icon next to the check you want to see. View more account history through Statements & Documents by selecting the More menu.
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