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Closing on a House Checklist

Key takeaway

There are several items and documents you’ll need to bring to your closing. Talk to your lender about exactly what you’ll need. Gather key items, such as your payment for the closing costs, ahead of time.

What to bring to closing

The person conducting your closing can provide an exact list of what to bring, but this checklist can be a good starting point.

  • A driver’s license or photo ID so the closing attorneys or agents can verify it’s you.
  • Contact information for your lender in case any questions arise during closing.
  • A cashier’s check or certified check to pay all of your closing costs, including down payment, if you didn’t wire the funds beforehand. If you did wire the funds, bring proof of the wire transfer.
  • Your checkbook, in case there are last-minute changes to the amount you will pay at closing.
  • Proof of homeowners insurance
  • The Closing Disclosure that you received from your lender a few days before your closing. You should have already compared this document to the loan terms you agreed to, but you’ll want to have it on hand to review the documents at closing, too.
  • Any other cosigners on your home and loan, including your spouse. Everyone should be present to sign.
  • A list of final questions you have, which could include: How will I make payments on my property taxes and homeowners insurance? Where do I send my monthly payments? Who can I call if I have questions after closing?

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