Wachovia Visa Gift Card-Wells Fargo

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Wachovia Visa® Blue Bow and Customer Referral Gift Card FAQs

Is my card still valid?

Your gift card is no longer valid as it has expired.

What fees applied to my card?

A monthly service fee of $2.50 per month applied to any unused funds beginning 12 months after the issuance date. This fee was not charged once the balance on the gift card reached $0.00.  There was a Check Issuance/Card Replacement fee of $15.00.

How can I find out if there is any money left on my card?

There is no money left on this card. The funds on the card have been depleted by:
  • Purchase transactions made with the card, and/or
  • Monthly service fees assessed on the card (see above).

Any remaining funds after purchase transactions and monthly fees would have escheated to the state, per the terms and conditions of the card.

What are the terms and conditions that applied to my card?