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Bilt World Elite Mastercard® Credit Card Rewards
Program Agreement (the "Card Rewards Program") Terms and Conditions ("Terms")

Section 1:Definitions
Section 2:Agreement
Section 3:Earning points with your Bilt Mastercard
Section 4:Points Redemption
Section 5:General Terms
Section 6:Governing Law
Section 7:Arbitration Disclosure
  1. Definitions. The terms below have the following meanings:

    • "authorized user" shall mean anyone legally authorized by you to use your card account
    • "card account" means a Bilt Mastercard* issued by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. ("Wells Fargo," "we," "our," and "us")
    • "Bilt App" or "App" shall mean the Bilt Rewards Loyalty Application that may be used with the card account and the Bilt Rewards Program
    • "Bilt Rewards Program" refers to the loyalty program hosted by Bilt. The "Bilt Rewards Program Terms & Conditions" refers to the agreement between you and Bilt
    • "cardholder", "you" and "your" means each person that has a card account
    • "membership account" means the account through which you participate in the Bilt Rewards Program
    • "pending points" refers to any points that are reflected in your Bilt App or Bilt website account but have not yet posted to your membership account and are therefore not redeemable
    • "point(s)" represents an earning unit in the Bilt Rewards Program
    • "qualifying net purchases" means purchases minus returns/credits charged to your card account that earn points
    • "statement period" is the interval between statements for your card account
    • "transaction(s)" means a use of your card that results in a charge to your line of credit, excluding fees and finance charges
  2. Agreement. These terms govern your use of the Card Rewards Program. You agree to these terms by participating in both this Card Rewards Program as well as the Bilt Rewards Program Terms and Conditions. By consenting to these terms and in order to provide the functionality of the card account and Card Reward Program products requested by you, Wells Fargo may share account information with Bilt as stated in the Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Bilt World Elite Mastercard® Credit Card Privacy Notice for purposes of administering or servicing the Card Rewards Program. You also agree and acknowledge that this sharing is integral to the product requested by you and cannot be limited, except as stated in the Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Bilt World Elite Mastercard® Credit Card Privacy Notice. Wells Fargo may call or text you using any phone number you provide to us in connection with your account. You further agree that you own or are authorized to provide that phone number, and you understand that you shall indemnify us for any costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, incurred as a result of us attempting to contact you at the number(s). If the phone number you provide is for a mobile phone, you understand and agree that we may contact you using an autodialer, prerecorded or artificial voice message, or text message. You also understand that your mobile carrier may charge message or data fees. You must have an open Bilt Rewards account in which you are earning points.

  3. Earning Points with your Bilt Mastercard.

    • Except where otherwise provided, when you make at least 5 transactions during a statement period, you’ll earn points during that statement period when you use your Bilt Mastercard to pay rent through the Bilt App or through your account on the Bilt website, minus any refunds or credits, and make qualifying net purchases.
    • For each qualifying net purchase and rent payment, the cardholder will earn the following number of points based on the purchase type and dollar amount which will be rounded down to the nearest dollar:
      • One point per $1 spent on rent paid through the Bilt App or Bilt website with your card account up to a maximum of One Hundred Thousand (100,000) points each calendar year. If your rent payment is less than $250, you will earn 250 points for that rent payment. Note, rent payments can only be made to one rental property per month.
      • Three points (1 base point plus 2 bonus points) are earned per $1 spent on qualifying net purchases at retailers whose merchant code for Mastercard is classified as Dining: eating places and restaurants, drinking places, bakeries, or fast food restaurants (caterers, grocery stores, and other miscellaneous places that serve food or operate restaurants on their premises are not considered eating places and restaurants).
      • Two points (1 base point plus 1 bonus point) are earned per $1 spent on qualifying net purchases made directly at retailers whose Merchant code for Mastercard is classified as Travel: airlines, hotels, motels, resorts, cruise lines, and car rental agencies (bus lines, passenger railways/trains, taxicabs and limousines, rideshares, ferries, timeshares, travel agencies, online travel sites, real estate agents, vacation rental platforms (e.g. VRBO, Airbnb), campgrounds, boat lease/rental, motor home/recreational vehicle rental, toll bridges and highways, parking lots, and garages are not included).
      • One point will be earned per $1 spent on other qualifying net purchases.
    • Except where otherwise provided, if you do not make at least 5 transactions in a statement period you'll earn a flat 250 points when you use your Bilt Mastercard to pay rent through the Bilt App or Bilt website, and you will not earn points on any other purchases.
    • Cardholders will earn 3 points (1 base point plus 2 bonus points) per dollar spent on net purchases (purchases minus returns/credits) on Lyft rideshares (Standard, Wait & Save, Priority Pickup, Shared, Preferred, Lyft XL, Lux, Lux Black, and Lux Black XL), bikes, and scooters booked and completed through the Lyft app when using the Bilt Mastercard as the payment method. To earn the 3 points, Cardholders do not need to link their Bilt Rewards Program and Lyft accounts. This offer is not subject to the 5 transaction minimum requirement each statement period to earn 3 points, but the transaction(s) do count towards the 5 transaction minimum requirement for other earnings. To qualify for 3 points, the Bilt Mastercard account must be open and not in default at the time of fulfillment. This offer excludes cancellation charges, damage charges, and round up and donate charges from Lyft. It may take up to seven (7) days after qualifying purchases for points to post to the Bilt Rewards Program account. If Bilt determines points were awarded towards an ineligible purchase, Bilt may revoke those points at any time at its discretion.
      • When Cardholders link their Bilt Rewards Program account to the Lyft platform and set Bilt as the active loyalty partner, they will earn 2 points per dollar spent on net purchases on rideshare booked and completed through the Lyft app, excluding bike and scooter services. In order to link the Lyft platform and Bilt Rewards Program accounts, the phone number from the Lyft platform account must match the phone number on the Bilt Rewards account.
      • When booking and completing a rideshare, Cardholders have the ability to combine these offers to earn up to 5 points through linking the Bilt Rewards Program and Lyft accounts and by using the Bilt Mastercard to pay for the ride.
      • This offer is valid for continental US rides only, and excludes US territories.
    • The following will not count as qualifying net purchases and do not earn points:

      Cash Advances and Equivalents of Any Kind

      ATM charges, cash advances, traveler’s checks, money orders, pre-paid gift cards, SUPERCHECKS™, wire transfers

      Balance Transfers

      Balance Transfers, SUPERCHECKS

      Disputes, Illegal Actions, and Violations

      Disputed or illegal purchases, purchases that violate the terms of your Credit Card Account Agreement or the Bilt Rewards Program Terms and Conditions

      Fees and Interest of Any Kind

      Fees or interest posted to your card account such as returned payment fees, late fees, monthly or annual fees

      Gambling Charges of Any Kind

      Bets or wagers transmitted over the internet, casino gaming chips, lottery tickets, off-track wagers

    • Except where otherwise provided, points may show as pending until after the fifth transaction in each statement period.
    • Merchants are assigned codes by Mastercard based on the products or services they primarily sell. Purchases not processed using the codes for Mastercard identified above will not qualify for bonus points. Wells Fargo and Bilt do not have the ability to control how a retailer chooses to classify their business and, therefore, reserves the right to determine which purchases qualify for bonus points.
    • Merchants control when they process purchases; therefore the date each qualifying purchase posts to your account is determined solely based on the date provided by the merchant.
    • You may not earn bonus points for purchases made through third-party payment accounts, at online marketplaces, with retailers who submit purchases using a mobile or wireless card reader, or if you use a mobile or digital wallet.
    • Cardholders may not separate qualifying net purchases or rent payments into multiple transactions for the purpose of earning more points than would otherwise be available through a single transaction.
    • If points are issued to you by Bilt for a qualifying net purchase or rent that is later returned or refunded, the rent payment or purchase is otherwise voided, the corresponding points will be automatically removed from your membership account even if they have already been redeemed.
    • Points will be considered earned when posted to your membership account, based on the qualifying net purchases made with your card account or rent paid with your card account through the Bilt App or Bilt website, plus any bonus points posted. If you have returns or refunds the associated points will be deducted from your total point balance, even if they have already been redeemed, and may result in a negative point balance.
    • You may view your earned and unredeemed points on the Bilt App or Bilt website by logging into your membership account.
    • Bonus Offer Points:
      • Wells Fargo or Bilt may offer you ways to earn bonus points through the Card Rewards Program or with third-party partners, such as special promotional offers ("promotional offers" or "bonus offers"). You’ll find out more about the number of bonus points you can earn and any other terms at the time of the promotional offer. The additional terms for those promotional offers are incorporated by reference herein as part of this agreement.
      • Taking advantage of promotional offers is optional and such offers may be subject to any such third party’s additional terms and conditions that are outside of our control. Wells Fargo is not liable for the actions of those parties and their implementation of such additional terms and conditions. It is the cardholder’s responsibility to read carefully and comply with any terms and conditions imposed in connection with any promotional offer.
  4. Points Redemption. You can redeem your points through the Bilt App or Bilt website. Points redemptions may not be refundable. Refer to the Bilt Rewards Program Terms and Conditions at for details.

  5. General Terms. We reserve the right to amend, cancel, or temporarily suspend the card Rewards Program, in whole or in part, or change any of the terms, at any time and for any reason, which may result in the decrease of redemption value or cancellation or forfeiture of any spend that has not been allocated to a point. We will give you advance written notice of material changes to the Terms or Card Rewards Program. We reserve the right to remove any person from the Card Rewards Program in the event of suspected fraud or abuse of the Card Rewards Program privileges or a violation of these Terms, as determined solely by us. We reserve the right to delay or not enforce any of our rights under the Rewards Program without waiving or losing our rights to enforce them later. Any unredeemed points do not have cash value. At any time and for any reason without notice to you, Bilt may change the amount of points required for a redemption.

    Points accrued and issued by Bilt are subject to the terms and conditions of the Bilt Rewards Program. For complete terms and conditions of the Bilt Rewards Program refer to . Terms and conditions of the Bilt Rewards Program may be modified and services and benefits may be added or deleted at any time without notice to cardholders. Points awarded through the use of the authorized user’s card will only be credited to the primary cardholder’s membership account.

    Wells Fargo’s sole obligation concerning the award and redemption of points is to send transaction and purchase data to Bilt in order to award points to your membership account. Wells Fargo disclaims liability or responsibility for Bilt’s failure to award or redeem points to or from your associated membership account after Wells Fargo has met its obligations to Bilt Rewards Program to provide transaction and purchase data.

    This agreement governs the receipt of points in connection with the use of your card account and is separate and in addition to the Bilt Rewards Program Terms and Conditions that govern your participation in the Bilt Rewards Program. The Bilt Rewards Program Terms and Conditions are available online at . Information in this agreement that relates to the Bilt Rewards Program isn’t complete or comprehensive and doesn’t include all of the information that you should know about the Bilt Rewards Program.

    Some points you receive may qualify as taxable income to you. Your points’ value may be reported as income to the Internal Revenue Service, as well as state and local tax authorities. By using the Card Rewards Program, you are responsible for paying any federal, state or local taxes on the reward, or other connected fees or gratuities. If you have other questions about your tax liability, please consult your tax advisor.

  6. Governing Law. These terms are governed by federal law and to the extent applicable, South Dakota law.
  7. Arbitration Disclosure. These terms are made part of your credit card agreement with Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. and any arbitration provisions listed, including the Military Lending Act, will apply to these terms.

* The Bilt World Elite Mastercard® is issued and administered by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated. Mastercard, World Elite Mastercard and the circles design are registered trademarks of Mastercard International Incorporated.