Since 2006, Wells Fargo has sponsored the Global Payments Advisory Group (GPAG), a forum for premier international financial institutions to meet and talk about issues affecting their industry. More than 475 participants from more than 200 international banks in more than 85 countries now participate in GPAG. 

The group meets once a quarter via teleconference to learn about and discuss the current trends and topics in the payments industry. In addition to these calls, an annual conference in San Francisco and regional banking conferences – sponsored by Wells Fargo – provide group participants an opportunity to meet in person.


Held in San Francisco each year, our annual meeting features thought leaders on trends and issues affecting the financial institutions industry. Attendees gain insights on current and emerging industry topics including security and fraud, regulation, compliance, innovation and Fintech strategies, cross border payment opportunities and challenges, as well as market and economic updates.

We encourage and seek representation from all major markets and encourage senior leadership participation whose knowledge and experience contribute to the overall dialogue in a highly meaningful way.

Sample agenda topics

  • Cross-border payment trends and whether there is a role for correspondent banking
  • Economic, credit, emerging market, and geo-political updates
  • Cybersecurity and financial crimes risks: Top cyber threats for 2019, new breach frontiers - biometrics and gaming, and susceptible breach targets such as the cloud and wireless networks

Networking activities

  • Information sharing sessions by participants 
  • Offsite brainstorming sessions


Fintech discussion with Al Ko, CEO of Early Warning Services, LLC

George Doolittle, Wells Fargo – Head of Global Payment Services, moderates panel discussion on the future of correspondent banking

George Doolittle, Wells Fargo - Head of Global Payment Services, opens the conference and welcomes the attendees

Thierry Chilosi, Marketing Director, Head of SWIFT gpi Customer Success Team, provides update on SWIFT initiatives

Emma Sacre, Commonwealth Bank of Australia Executive Director, Banks & Government, provides insight on recent industry changes in Australia

Kenneth Wong, Toronto-Dominion Bank, Head of GTB Product Strategy and Innovation, compares Zelle to Canada’s payment network

Lou Anne Alexander, Early Warning Services, LLC - Group President of Payment Solutions, reviews Zelle payment network

Commentary from Maram Al-Jazireh, Arab Bank PLC – Head of Financial Institutions

Ashish Sharma, Wells Fargo – COO of Global Payment Services, closes the conference with concluding remarks

Team building activity at Culinary Institute of America at Copia, Napa, CA


Clients enjoy lunch break at Napa, CA

Visit to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Clients participate in focused group discussion

2018 GPAG Annual Conference participants

Client listens to panel discussion


Client listens to panel discussion

Clients participate in team building activity

Evening reception

Visit to iconic Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

Client networking at Napa, CA


Clients collaborate on business case study

Clients listens to presentation

Clients engaged in team building activity

Evening reception at Wells Fargo Museum

2016 GPAG Annual Conference Participants