Renewable Energy & Environmental Finance

Wells Fargo surpasses $10 billion in tax-equity financing of renewables

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Wells Fargo Renewable Energy & Environmental Finance (REEF) provides tax-equity financing to utility-scale wind and solar projects, the fuel cell sector, and is actively considering new tax-equity segments. Currently, REEF is one of the largest tax equity investors in the market.

Since its inception in 2006, REEF has developed deep expertise underwriting and managing renewable energy investments. The REEF team is comprised of diverse and experienced professionals and focuses on well-established Developers and Sponsors. REEF employs a comprehensive approach to evaluating credit, resource, technical, environmental, legal, regulatory, and tax risk. 

Wells Fargo has been one of the most active tax-equity investors in the nation’s renewable energy sector, financing projects in 38 states. Projects supported by REEF produced enough electricity in 2020 to power more than 3 million average-sized U.S. homes for a year. A breakdown by asset class is as follows:


REEF has financed more than 150 wind projects in 29 states


REEF has financed more than 430 projects in 35 states

Fuel cell 

REEF has financed more than 15 projects in 7 states