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Whether you’re looking to purchase new computers, servers, IT equipment, or a specialized industry software package, Wells Fargo Equipment Finance has the expertise and capital to tailor a financing strategy that addresses your company’s specific equipment needs.

Our team of financing specialists provides flexible financing structures customized to help you maximize the business benefits of your IT investment.

Benefits may include:

  • Managing budget concerns: Maximizing investment in latest technology by reducing cash outlay and structuring as part of operating budget versus capital expenditure.
  • Preserving capital: Allocating capital to appreciating investments, while shifting obsolescence risk to lessor.
  • Utilizing bank relationship: Leverage the full scope of the Wells Fargo banking relationship to gain a turn-key solution for leasing and asset life-cycle management.
  • Driving discipline: Providing an orderly, predictable way to upgrade IT assets by having a strategy in place.
  • Financing flexibility: Financing structures to address your business goals and needs, including operating, finance, and tax-leases, sale lease-backs, loans, renewals, extensions, and upgrades.
  • Brand independence: Single source financing allows you to select the right equipment for your organization, so you will not be tied to any one vendor as you go forward.
  • MyAccounts: Web portal to maintain asset details, view and modify equipment details, create reports relevant to your business, and other customizable services to help manage your leased assets.

Fair market value lease / True lease

  • Wells Fargo takes equity position (residual) in the leased equipment
  • Wells Fargo is tax owner of equipment, takes depreciation benefit
  • Can be structured for operating lease treatment
  • End of lease options are: Purchase for FMV, return equipment, extend lease, month to month payments until a decision is made.

Finance lease

  • Typically structured as a $1 buy-out lease
  • Client takes benefits associated with ownership
  • Accounting treatment is as capital lease
  • Client owns the equipment at end of term


Client owns equipment – Wells Fargo takes security interest

Track your assets and lease schedules with MyAccounts, Wells Fargo's web-based lease management software. IT asset management allows you to:

  • View current and historical invoices
  • Sign up for paperless invoicing
  • Make payments online
  • View and modify equipment details including manufacturer, model, and serial number
  • Highly-customizable reports
  • 24 hour access to invoices, outstanding charges, and payment history
  • Create and view status on service requests
  • Receive notifications of payment application
  • Download to Excel or as a PDF and print
  • Smartphone and tablet access and chat
  • Lease start and end dates

We work with a broad range of clients within vastly differing industries to provide a full spectrum of brand independent financing solutions for all types of technology assets.

International marketing firm


36 - 60  months 

FMV & $1-out leases

15 year ongoing relationship providing solutions for PCs, servers, office imaging, network, tablets, and A/V

Global industrial manufacturer


36 months

FMV lease

Servers and networking equipment structured to meet customer need for operating lease treatment

National parts distributor


48 months

FMV leases

Handheld scanners and printers to be used at client’s warehouse locations

160 year old law firm


24 months

FMV leases

Laptops and PCs distributed to employees in regional office locations

Leading social media company


36 months 

FMV & $1-out leases

Agented a bank syndicate to facilitate leasing of servers and networking equipment

Major health insurer


60  months

FMV lease

Office imaging equipment