Interest Rate Risk Management

Whether your interest rate risk profile is straightforward or complex, we can work with you to help design and implement an interest rate hedging strategy that you believe works best for your company’s financial and risk management needs.

  • Protect your business from unexpected rate movements
  • Make your debt service payments predictable
  • Manage the interest gap or rate sensitivity between your assets and liabilities
  • Rebalance the mix of your fixed- versus floating-rate debt
  • Develop strategies to manage the basis risk inherent in many debt portfolios
  • These transactions involve potential costs and risks. Please review the roles, responsibilities, and risk.

We serve a broad range of customers, including corporations, mid-sized companies, institutions, asset managers, real estate developers, and high-net-worth individuals.

Learn about how swaps can be used in different interest rate risk scenarios.

Why choose Wells Fargo

We have helped thousands of companies of all sizes and in virtually every industry manage their interest rate exposures. Whether your company has an existing interest rate hedging program or is getting started, we offer:

  • Experienced and knowledgeable interest rate risk management specialists
  • Tailored, customer-focused strategies
  • A full range of interest rate management strategies, including swaps, caps, collars, swaptions, cross-currency swaps, treasury locks, treasury options, and basis swaps
  • Hedging for all major indices, including SOFR, LIBOR, Prime, SIFMA, Fed Funds, and T-Bills
  • A track record of more than 20 years helping customers manage their interest rate risk exposures

Contact your Wells Fargo relationship manager (who will refer you to an interest rate risk management specialist) or your interest rate risk management specialist to learn more about our interest rate hedging services.