Commodity Risk Management

Wells Fargo helps you manage price risk across all major commodity classes, including agriculture, energy, and metals. We offer both traditional financial hedging strategies to manage exposures to commodity prices and indices, and physical transaction capabilities in most commodities.

We help both commodity producers and users manage their price exposure so they can focus on managing other aspects of their business.

The transactions described herein involve potential costs and risks. Please review roles, responsibilities, and risks.

Why choose Wells Fargo

  • Competitive pricing and liquidity
  • Innovative hedging strategies and market insights
  • Broad range of hedging strategies
  • Experienced team specializing in commodities and financial markets
  • Extensive trading and structuring capabilities across major commodity classes

Commodity risk management expertise

We can help you manage price risk in a broad range of commodities:


  • Cattle
  • Cocoa
  • Corn
  • Cotton
  • Dairy: Butter, cheese, milk, whey, non-fat dry milk
  • Ethanol
  • Lean hogs
  • Oats
  • Soybean complex (including meal and oil)
  • Sugar
  • Wheat


  • Bunker fuel
  • Crude oil
  • Diesel: Low and ultra-low sulfur
  • Gasoline
  • Heating oil
  • Jet fuel
  • Natural gas
  • Natural gas liquids
  • Resins


  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Lead
  • Nickel
  • Palladium
  • Platinum
  • Steel
  • Silver
  • Tin
  • Zinc