CIB Fixed Income Strategy

Wells Fargo provides customer portfolio analytics and market intelligence to help institutional investors make more informed investment decisions. We provide general fixed income strategy, commentary, and relative value, as well as customer-specific portfolio analysis and individualized solutions to a broad spectrum of fixed income customers, including:  total return oriented money managers and mutual funds, insurance companies, pension funds, corporations and public entities, municipalities and state funds, credit unions, and community to money center banks.


Our analytical tools include ZM Financial Systems, Yieldbook, Bloomberg, Intex, IDC, and a number of proprietary analytical tools/models that we have developed and customized in order for our customers to better understand their portfolio, balance sheet risks, and opportunities.

Depository strategy

We supply depository institutional customers with sector-specific market insights and broader industry trends, quantifiable balance sheet management recommendations, and solutions tailored to specific investment needs.

Fixed income strategy

We deliver strategy pieces several times a week to suggest discrete performance of a wide spectrum of securities and help facilitate the greater flow of information from our trading desk to our customers.

Market & portfolio strategy portal

Our portal offers quick and easy access to all our recent fixed income market analysis. Request access to the portal or contact your Wells Fargo fixed income representative. Get quick and easy access to all of our recent fixed income market analysis.

Short duration analysis

We provide short-term strategies and customer-specific analysis focused on the short-end of the yield curve, as well as customer-specific portfolio analysis to helps you manage operating cash flows.