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Tech Essentials for CEOs on the Go

Article by Edward Cates

Mobile devices have made staying connected easier than ever. Bigger screens, faster processors and groundbreaking applications allow today’s business owners to do more from anywhere in the world.

If you need to upgrade your mobile CEO suite with technology, then the following are three tech essentials for CEOs on the go in 2013:

  • Ultrabook Laptop – Whether you are a PC or Mac person, having a reliable laptop is table-stakes for running a business effectively. Today’s computers offer maximum portability, extended battery life and powerful processing power. Whether it’s tearing through a spreadsheet or finalizing a PowerPoint, CEOs must have a great laptop to keep projects moving.
  • Tablet computer – When you don’t need a laptop to do heavy content creation, a tablet may be just the gadget for you. For the busy CEO, you can browse the web, monitor emails, open spreadsheets and documents, watch videos or listen to music. With applications like Skype and FaceTime, users can connect in real time through video calls with clients and customers. There are also a host of connectors and cables that allow you to present from your tablet for that important meeting.
  • Smart phone – Staying connected is easier than ever with the latest generation of smart phones. Combining your phone with an email client, web browser and thousands of applications has created a device that business owners must have to stay connected with the office.

Managing while you are mobile is the new normal. Keeping your technology up to date will allow you to stay more connected to the performance of your business and the feedback of your customers.

Edward Cates is CEO & Managing Partner of Nuance Marketing, an Atlanta-based digital marketing, media and strategy agency and certified MBE. As a journalist and writer covering business, entertainment and technology, his articles have been published in Savoy Magazine, Emerge, Hispanic Network, MBE Magazine, MBNUSA, Atlanta Business Journal, Black EOE Journal and Pride Magazine.

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