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Accessibility at Wells Fargo recognized by the National Business and Disability Council for its commitment to universal accessibility
In an ongoing commitment to provide outstanding customer service to help our diverse customer base succeed financially, Wells Fargo empowers our customers, including people with disabilities, to access our products and services and conduct financial transactions online, by phone, and in our stores.
Accessible Wells Fargo services include:
  • An accessible website
  • Customer service for individuals with hearing impairments via Telecommunications Relay Service providers and TTY/TDD lines
  • Talking ATMs
  • Material in large print and Braille
  • Audio recording of printed material
  • Accessible Wells Fargo stores

Online accessibility

We are committed to creating a satisfying and meaningful online user experience for people with disabilities. Online accessibility features include:
  • Pages with invisible skip navigation link. Screen reader users can choose this link to go to the main content of a page.
  • Pages with invisible accessibility help links. For screen reader users, these links go directly to the Talking ATM Locator and to JAWS text link setting information.

Physical accessibility

Wells Fargo ATMs

  • Talking ATMs with voice instructions. Our 12,000+ ATMs have speech output capabilities. Talking ATM earphones and Y adaptors are available to customers free of charge. Learn more about Talking ATMs or use our ATM Locator.
  • Physical access. Wells Fargo ATMs meet The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) maximum height and reach requirements.

Wells Fargo locations

We regularly monitor our locations for compliance with The ADA, state, and local accessibility laws by surveying the parking reserved for customers with disabilities, curb cuts and ramps, walkways, entrances, queuing lines, teller counters, safe deposit facilities, customer service telephones, and lobby areas.

In addition, we have a formal process for investigating and promptly responding to any accessibility concerns of our customers.

Effective communication at Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo provides effective communication to our customers, potential customers, and their companions, with disabilities in accordance with The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and applicable state and local laws. Following are some of the ways we communicate with persons with disabilities:
  • For persons who are deaf, are hard of hearing, or have speech disabilities: We accept relay calls and will use relay services to call you. We also offer some dedicated TTY / TDD lines for persons who do not want to use relay services (see below). In our stores, we will communicate by exchanging notes or, for more complex or lengthy discussions, we will provide a sign language interpreter.
  • For persons who are blind or have low vision: We will assist you in reading and filling out forms, provide you with raised line and large print checks, and provide account statements and other written documents in alternate formats, such as large print, an accessible format on, or Braille.
  • Other disability-related accommodations: We recognize that persons may have other disability-related needs. We evaluate disability-related requests on a case-by-case basis. If you have a question or concern, please call or email our ADA coordinator at 1-877-644-7819 or

Customer service for individuals with hearing or speech disabilities

Wells Fargo accepts third party Telecommunications Relay Service (“TRS”) calls. Customers and non-customers may place Telecommunications Relay Service calls to Wells Fargo through any Telecommunications Relay Service provider that meets the applicable mandatory minimum standards for customer rights to privacy and confidentiality established by the FCC. The standards are published at

In addition, some Wells Fargo departments accept TTY/TDD calls. For questions on consumer checking or savings accounts, Home Equity products or credit cards, deaf and hard of hearing customers may contact Wells Fargo via TTY/TDD at 1-800-877-4833.

Materials for blind or visually-impaired customers

Consumer banking customers can call 1-800-869-3557 to order:
  • Raised-line checks. These checks are larger than standard checks, are yellow in color to help reduce glare, and have bold raised lines. Raised-line checks are offered at our basic check pricing.
  • Free Braille or large-print statements for checking, savings, or money market accounts.
  • Free Braille and raised letter embossment on ATM Cards and Debit Cards.
  • Free talking ATM earphones. These allow private delivery of voice information at talking ATMs, to protect the security of blind and low-vision users.
  • Free audio recordings of disclosure statements and brochures.
  • Free magnifiers which can be used with our existing printed collateral to make the text appear twice as large.

Wells Fargo ADA Coordinator

Comments, questions or concerns regarding effective communication or accessibility at Wells Fargo may be directed to the ADA Coordinator in several ways:

Call toll-free




Wells Fargo ADA Coordinator
800 Walnut Street
MAC N0003-053
Des Moines, IA 50309-3605