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How to Contact the Board of Directors

Stockholders and other interested parties who wish to communicate with the Company’s non-management directors may direct correspondence to a particular director or to the non-management directors as a group as follows:

Send an email to:


Send a letter to:

Wells Fargo & Company
P.O. Box 63750 or P.O. Box 63710
San Francisco, CA 94163

Under procedures established by the Company’s non-management directors, the Company reviews each communication sent in accordance with the above instructions and forwards such communication to the appropriate person or persons for response. The Company will not forward any advertising or solicitation, any mass mailings (except those that may involve a reputational risk to the Company), or any incoherent, obscene or similarly inappropriate communication. Any communication involving an ordinary business matter will not be forwarded to directors, unless requested by a director or at management’s discretion.

Communications involving the following will be considered an ordinary business matter and will be forwarded to management to research and respond, if appropriate:

  • Personal or business accounts or transactions, including customer service issues
  • Resumes or other forms of job inquiries
  • Requests for information about the Company, including its products and services
  • Mailings intended to be sent to a large number of recipients, such as form letters, petition letters, and other forms of mass mailings that may involve a reputational risk to the Company
  • Grant or donation requests
  • Employment concerns
  • Matters addressing other routine business practices of the Company

Communications not involving an ordinary business matter will be forwarded by the Company:

  • To an individual director, only if the communication names a specific director
  • To the Chair of the Audit, Corporate Responsibility, Finance, Governance and Nominating, Human Resources, or Risk Committee depending on the subject matter and if the communication does not name a specific director
  • To the Chair of the Audit Committee if the communication is a complaint or concern involving accounting, internal accounting controls, or auditing matters, whether or not it’s specifically addressed to the Audit Committee.