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Community Giving – Frequently Asked Questions

What are Wells Fargo’s primary focus areas for giving?

Our community giving and engagement is primarily focused on areas we see as critical for building more resilient and inclusive communities:

  • Financial health
  • Housing affordability
  • Small business growth
  • Sustainability

Does Wells Fargo approve funding for grants outside the primary focus areas?

We may also support other local needs in eligible communities such as disaster relief, arts and culture, civic engagement, education, human and social services, and workforce development. However, opportunities are limited as our intent is to direct the majority of our giving within our primary focus areas.


Will Wells Fargo sponsor my charitable fundraising event?

Wells Fargo prefers to fund programs and projects rather than unrestricted sponsorships and events for nonprofits. However, we do a limited amount of sponsorship for fundraising events. To be considered, please apply online at least 90 days prior to the event. Priority is given to organizations that support our primary focus areas.

Do I need an invitation code in order to apply for a grant?

Yes. Nonprofits that have not been invited to apply but align with our strategic focus areas and meet eligibility and outcomes reporting requirements may register and submit a Grant Interest Form to be considered for an invitation to apply.

If your organization received an invitation to apply for a grant, please use the invitation code provided by your contact at Wells Fargo to access and complete the online application.

Application content

Do you have any advice for how to structure our request?

Your submission should be thoughtful and concise and closely follow section guidelines. It’s important that it tells a compelling story of the problem or opportunity and how funding will help your organization address the needs effectively.

  • Funding purpose and project description – Your executive summary should give a brief overview of who you serve, the need for support, what your project does, and what impact you plan to expand or sustain.
  • Detailed project information – Please provide specifics on your project/program, including how the funding will be used and proposed marketing and communications plan.
  • Ability to report quantifiable results for Wells Fargo’s defined success metrics for outcomes and impact as well as share other key success measures tracked by your organization.
  • Previous year funding – If you received a grant from Wells Fargo in a prior year, explain the impact of that funding. What were the benefits, successes, and lessons learned? Why should you receive continued support?

Do I have to submit all documentation, even if my request is small?

Yes, you must complete all required fields and submit requested documentation as identified within the application in order to submit your grant request.

Will someone from Wells Fargo make a site visit to our organization?

Due to the volume of requests we receive, it is usually not practical for us to do site visits. A site visit isn’t required for your grant to be approved.

How do you define low- to moderate-income individuals and families?

Annual income of 80% or less of the area median income. Median Family Income can be accessed using the FFIEC website.

Application process

May I submit a grant request directly to a Wells Fargo representative?

No. All grant requests must be submitted through the official online grant application portal.

I did not receive an email confirmation after submitting the application.

A confirmation email is sent automatically when an application is received. If you don’t see one, try:

  • Looking in your spam/junk folder.
  • Checking that your submission was completed. Go back to the online application portal and click Continue to access your application. Review it to make sure all required fields have been completed. On the final page, select Save and Proceed. On the final page, select Submit.

When can we expect payment if the request is approved?

Payment is typically sent within 4 months after a proposal has been approved.

Contact questions

Who do I contact if I'm having technical issues while I'm completing the application?

In the online application portal select "Need Support" and a customer support representative will contact you. Forgot your password? There is a link on the Log In page to reset it.  

Can I contact Wells Fargo to discuss my grant request?

Due to the large number of requests we receive, we don’t discuss grant proposals before they are submitted.

Who do I contact to check on our application status?

Please wait at least 120 days after submitting your proposal. In most cases, you will have heard from us by then. If not, please send an email to

Unsuccessful applications

If our proposal is declined, can we reapply?

The request may not be resubmitted in the same calendar year. Organizations are welcome to reapply in subsequent years.

If we are turned down, can we contact you to find out why?

We make decisions based on alignment to our priorities, available funds, and ability to report measurable outcomes. We do not answer specific questions about why grant requests were declined. We appreciate the time and effort you spent in preparing the application. However, we ask that you accept the final decision you received by email.