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Welcome Junior Agent parent!
Help your child make a goal and understand saving

The Junior Agent® Saver Club is designed to help kids ages 5 to 12 learn the basics of savings. With your support, your child will get real-world experience managing their very own savings account.

Three easy steps to getting your child started

Step 1: Open an account

Meet with a banker to learn about savings tools available for your child. Consider opening a Wells Fargo savings account to help your child get started with saving their money and learn ways to avoid your monthly service fee and other fees that may apply.

The Junior Agent Saver Club program materials provide great tools to help your child gain real-world money management experience.
Step 2: Help your child make a goal and understand saving

Talk to your child about their goals, the importance of writing them down using the Savings Goals sheet, and how saving regularly will help them reach those goals.

Step 3: Track the savings

Encourage your child to write down all their deposits and withdrawals on their Savings Account Tracker.

And check out My Savings Plan® for a cool way you can check their progress online. Sign in at and go to Account Activity, then click My Savings Plan.
My Savings Plan
More financial education resources

Wells Fargo offers additional resources to help increase financial literacy and plan for your child’s future.