Welcome to the Junior Agent® Saver Club

Helping kids take charge of their money
The Junior Agent Saver Club is to help kids aged 5 to 12 learn money skills and how to manage money by setting savings goals.

Hi, Junior Agent Saver and parents! I’m JJ – named for my great great great Aunt Julia Jones. She was a Wells Fargo Express agent during the California Gold Rush.

I found my Aunt Julia’s journal from 1850 and read about the gold miners. I learned that the miners brought their gold to a Wells Fargo agent to be cleaned, weighed, and carried by stagecoach to a U.S. Mint office – all so they could save for the future.

Luckily, saving money for your future is a lot easier these days. And the Junior Agent Saver Club makes it simple for kids to set savings goals, make deposits, and keep track of it all.

I’m on a mission to help you save for your dreams. So let’s get started and have fun! Click the links at your left to learn what a Junior Agent Saver needs to start saving.

Parents: It just takes a savings account to get started!