Emerging trends in the Americas sustainable loan market

Geneviève Piché and David Szmigielski of Wells Fargo Corporate & Investment Banking outline how sustainable loan structures have evolved in the region and look to further innovation ahead.


Sustainable finance structures in the loan markets in the Americas are maturing. Borrowers and lenders are increasingly focused on the value creation and risk mitigation potential of sustainability-oriented loans, both within syndication processes and for enterprises as a whole. The mainstreaming of sustainability considerations in loan origination has created an open dialogue among market participants around some of the most pressing environmental and social risks facing industries, as well as the capacity for enterprises to unlock economic opportunity in pursuit of more sustainable, resilient, and profitable businesses. 

As borrowers look to execute on investments needed to achieve their sustainability strategies as well as seek to capture opportunities from tailwinds such as the Inflation Reduction Act, sustainability-oriented loan structures are evolving to provide support and we expect to see further innovation in the coming year.

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