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Wells Fargo can help you with the complex process of defeasing a loan. Our defeasance clients include individual borrowers, institutional investors, financial institutions, investment banks, and third-party investment groups.

The Wells Fargo advantage

  • Experienced team. We have been conducting defeasance transactions since 2004. In the last 20 years, we have closed more than 13,500 defeasance transactions totaling more than $170 billion.
  • Simplified process. By acting in multiple defeasance roles on your behalf, we eliminate the complexity of having additional parties involved and therefore provide a comprehensive approach.

Defeasance consultant, successor borrower, securities intermediary, and servicer roles

  • Lower costs. We offer free quotes based on real time pricing and our established relationships with third-party vendors allow us to negotiate on your behalf and pass the savings along to you.

Defeasance is the process by which the real estate collateral securing a mortgage loan is replaced by government securities in order to release the real estate collateral, while keeping the payment stream for the mortgage loan intact.

The release of the original collateral allows the borrower to sell or refinance the real estate.

Defeasance and how it works

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