My Money Map

Take advantage of our convenient Wells Fargo Business Online® money management tools by gaining more control of business expenses, improving cash flow, and planning for future business needs.

Business Spending Report

View a snapshot of your spending

Track purchases you make with your Wells Fargo checking account, credit card, and Bill Pay.

Monitor business expenses

Expenses are automatically sorted and organized so you can easily see your business spending by category.

Stay on top of deposits

Deposits are tracked so you are aware of total incoming funds, giving you a comprehensive overview of your business finances.

View graphs and charts

Gain added insight into business spending with a snapshot view of monthly spending, averages over time, and more.

Budget Watch

Create your business budget — it’s fast and easy

Use Budget Watch to monitor spending, set-up budget goals and see how you are tracking within your budget.

Create budget goals for key spending categories

Create monthly business spending goals with Budget Watch — it’s easy with your business spending history on hand to guide you.

View your spending compared to your budget

Spending totals are updated each business day, so you can see how close you are to meeting your business budget goals. Use remaining money to pay down - loans, reinvest in your business, or fund a new project.

Stay informed with budget alerts

Set up email alerts to keep you updated about progress towards meeting your business budget goals.

See progress at-a-glance

Graphs and charts make it easy to monitor your progress each month.

Resource Library

Access solutions, resources, and tools designed to help your business succeed

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