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Budget Watch for Business Questions

Top questions

How much spending history is available with Budget Watch?

The current month-to-date, the prior two months, and an average of up to your last 12 months of spending are displayed in the Standard Report screen. The Budget Watch tab displays your historical spending set against your Monthly Goals. An additional 15 months of history can be displayed on screen by clicking the month toggle arrow.

From January to June of each year, you can download a Year End Summary report for the prior calendar year spending either as an Excel worksheet or a PDF file. At any time, you can download your categorized spending history report in either Excel or PDF format if you have less than 10,000 total transactions. Transactions in the downloadable reports are automatically sorted by category and date.

Which Wells Fargo accounts are eligible for Budget Watch?

Eligible accounts include consumer and business credit card, debit card, and checking accounts that are accessed through Wells Fargo Business Online®. Business Bill Pay transactions will also be tracked by Budget Watch.

Can I view my spending activity for specific accounts?

The default view for Budget Watch includes all your eligible accounts. To change your future view to include spending from specific accounts, simply click Edit Accounts in the Accounts Included in Your Report box in the top right of the page and select only the accounts you wish to include. You can customize up to 30 accounts. The selection you make will remain in effect for your current Wells Fargo Business Online® session.

Budget Watch

Is there a fee for Budget Watch?

Budget Watch is available at no additional cost for Wells Fargo Business Online® customers who have a Wells Fargo checking account, or credit card. Availability may be affected by your mobile carrier's coverage area.  Your mobile carrier's message and data rates may apply.

How often is Budget Watch updated?

Budget Watch is updated each business day.

Does Budget Watch replace my current credit card or checking account statements?

No. Budget Watch does not replace your current credit card or checking account statements. This is a supplemental report that is meant to provide you with a combined overview of your expenses.

How are you protecting the privacy and security of the transaction information?

Your transactions in Budget Watch can only be viewed by you, the account owner. Wells Fargo can research specific transactions if you call customer service with questions, but we do not have the ability to view your categorized information as it appears with Budget Watch.

For more information, please read about our commitment to Privacy and Security.

Why doesn’t the information with Budget Watch match the reporting on my QuickBooks® or other financial management software?

Budget Watch uses Wells Fargo-defined categories, and only includes purchases and payments from your Wells Fargo credit card, debit card, checking account, and Business Bill Pay service. Financial management software like QuickBooks can include a broader picture of your finances, such as savings and other liability accounts.

Setting up and monitoring Budget Watch goals

What is Budget Watch?

Budget Watch allows you to create a simple online budget in just minutes. Updated each business day, Budget Watch provides you with daily Money In and Money Out flows, so you can see how close you are to meeting your business budget goals.

With Budget Watch, you can also:

  • Monitor your progress with customized charts and graphs that help you compare your spending and overall performance to your business budget goals.
  • Periodically adjust your Budget Watch goals to better align them with your spending patterns and help keep you on track with your budget now and in the future.
  • Set up optional email alerts to help you stay on top of your business spending.

How do I create Monthly Goals using Budget Watch?

Using your historical spending patterns as a guide, you can set Monthly Goals. Budget Watch offers two different ways to create your Monthly Goals:

  • Take a shortcut – from the drop-down menu, select either Average monthly spending or Last month’s spending and click Continue to automatically copy the selected amounts in the Monthly Goals column in the budget entry screen. If you identify categories where you could spend less, or need to spend more, you can always edit the amount you set aside for individual categories.
  • Enter your goals by hand – from the drop-down menu, select Custom numbers and proceed to the Budget Entry screen where you will be able to click a category to expand and type in amounts for individual sub-categories. Budget Watch will total your changes automatically. Create a goal for each category or address only a few key categories – the choice is yours.

Once you’re satisfied with the Monthly Goals you’ve created, click Save to view your Budget to see how your goals compare to your actual spending for the month.

Budget Watch features

Can I view Budget Watch by payment method?

Budget Watch defaults to include spending from any account you access via Wells Fargo Business Online®, including: Wells Fargo credit card, debit card, checking account, and the Business Bill Pay service.

To temporarily change your view to include just one payment method, simply select Credit Cards, Debit Cards, other checking activity, or Bill Pay from the drop-down menu at the top of the Standard Report screen and click Go.

Can I choose which accounts to include in the download reports and can I view my spending activity on just one credit card?

Yes. You can choose which accounts appear in the Year End Summary and Spending History reports in two ways: 1) To include specific accounts in the download, use the Edit Accounts feature in the Accounts Included in Your Report box, or 2) to view a downloadable report by payment method, such as credit cards, debit cards, other checking activity or Bill Pay, select the payment method from the drop-down menu at the top of the Standard Report, click Go and then click the link in the downloads section.

Can I print or save my Budget Watch?

From the browser menu, choose Print. If necessary, adjust the browser default margin settings. You can also download a Year End Summary or Spending History report in PDF format. If you do not have a PDF reader, download Adobe Acrobat® Reader. These reports are also available in Excel format.

I noticed a transaction on my Budget Watch that I do not remember making. What should I do?

If you have any questions about any individual transactions with Budget Watch, please contact Wells Fargo.

  • For questions concerning a transaction on your Wells Fargo credit card, please call 1-800-642-4720.
  • For questions concerning a transaction from your Wells Fargo checking account, please call 1-800-TO-WELLS (1-800-869-3557).
  • For questions regarding a transaction on your business accounts, please call Wells Fargo Business Banking at 1-800-225-5935.