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Learn More About Retrieval Requests

A retrieval request takes place when a cardholder or card-issuing institution questions or disputes a transaction. If you receive a retrieval request, you need to respond within the specified time by providing specific information such as a legible copy of the transaction receipt or other documentation. Examples of documentation are sales invoices, car rental contracts, or hotel guest folios. Retrieval requests are also identified by Reason Codes.

Take the following two steps to fulfill a Retrieval Request:

Step 1: Gather the information below

  • What was purchased
  • Who purchased it
  • Where it was shipped
  • When it was shipped
  • Signed proof of delivery, if available
  • Card number, cardholder name, cardholder signature
  • Transaction date & amount
  • Authorization number
  • Merchant name, location, merchant ID
  • Control number (this uniquely identifies a retrieval request)

Step 2: Respond in a timely manner

Complete the request by the date provided. Understand that failure to fulfill a retrieval request can result in a chargeback for "Non-Receipt of Requested Item".