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Manage Your Payments

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Learn more about managing your payments processing. We'll address troubleshooting tips and answers to some of the more advanced processing questions about qualification criteria, retrievals, and chargeback management you may encounter when you accept payments electronically.
How to manage card payment processing costs

How to manage card payment processing costs (8:02)

Learn about common methods of obtaining authorization for payment. Plus, typical response codes and what they mean.
Chargeback Prevention Tips — Quick Guide
Print out this handy chargeback tip sheet so you'll always have a reference guide on what steps to take when you receive a chargeback.
How to Prevent Chargebacks
Here are some steps you can take to help you avoid chargebacks, and some of the more common chargeback reason codes with their possible causes and preventive tips.
Online Reporting with ClientLine® at No Extra Cost
You get fast and secure access to transaction information, credit card funding, chargebacks, and other reports, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Reconcile accounts, generate reports, analyze trends and rates, and more — all online and at no extra cost.
Visa Card Acceptance and Chargeback Management Guidelines (PDF*)
These guidelines provide you with information on processing Visa transactions, while minimizing risk of loss from fraud and chargebacks.
Manage Your Card Payment Processing Costs (PDF*)
Learn more about card payment processing costs and 10 ways to accept card payments more cost-effectively.
Understanding Non-Qualified Fees
Find out more about non-qualified fees, including probable reasons for them and remedies. Plus, processing guidelines for specific types of transactions to help you clear at the best rate.
Qualification Criteria
Educate yourself on qualification criteria — save time and money.
Apply for an Account 1-866-380-9828
Existing Customers1-800-451-5817
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