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Verification of Deposit for Housing Assistance Agencies/Rental & Leasing Properties

This form is intended for providers of HUD subsidized housing and public agencies providing affordable housing. This form is also used for rental and leasing properties.

Information provided

  • Account Number
  • Account Type – e.g. Checking, Savings, CD or IRA
  • Open or Closed
  • Account Holder(s)
  • Current Balance – please note, we are unable to provide balances for specific dates; we provide the balance as of the date the request is processed
  • Open/Closed Date
  • Current Interest Rate (if applicable)
  • Previous 6 Average Statement Balances
  • Previous 6 Months Interest Paid
  • Balance at close (if applicable)

In addition, CD’s and IRA CD’s will include:

  • Term
  • Maturity Date
  • Interest Payment
  • Interest Method
  • Early Withdrawal Penalty


No service fee.

Submitting a request

Complete the Housing Assistance Agency/Rental & Leasing Property Request form (PDF*) including account numbers and customer authorization section signed and dated within 14 months. If possible, please provide full account numbers with your request. If you submit your request with the customer’s Social Security Number, we will provide information for all open Wells Fargo accounts (savings, checking, and certificates of deposit, but not loans) held by this customer. Include your return fax information on the form so we can return your response as quickly as possible.

For faster processing, please complete the form on your computer before printing. Fax complete form to 1-844-879-0412. Any request submitted to this fax line that is not from a housing assistance agency or provider of subsidized housing will not be processed.

Processing time

Please allow 5 business days for processing. Turn-around time may vary due to changes in request volume.