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Account Activity

Manage your business banking online

Need information on your business accounts? Done.

Working together to move your business forward

Stay in the know

With a few quick clicks, you can:

  • Search up to 18 months of business transactions history.
  • Check available balance and pending transactions.
  • View the front and back of business check images.

Information, fast

You can quickly:

  • Sort your business transactions by deposits, checks, withdrawals, or keyword.
  • On desktop or tablet, search by Transaction Type, Date/Date Range, Amount/Amount Range, and more.

At the speed of business

Access business transactions available to download when you need them, and easily view detailed information such as images of returned items as soon as they post.

You’re in control

Manage your business accounts from a desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet, where you can view, print and save images of returned checks, deposit slips, and more.

Access business features quickly

  • Sign on to Wells Fargo Business Online®.
  • On your Account Summary page, click the vertical dots next to your available balance to transfer money, pay bills, or view statements.
  • Simply select your account to view your banking activity.

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Make an Appointment

Make an appointment with a banker.

By default, we display your last 90 days of transaction history. However, you can view up to 18 months, or a specified date range within that period, by selecting the Search icon at the top of the transactions table. To download to Quicken, QuickBooks, or spreadsheet, select the Download Account Activity link and request your date range.

Set-up is easy. Just go to the Security & Support tab when you’re in your online banking session, and select the Use Account Access Manager link.

Add users and choose which accounts they'll be able to view. You'll also choose unique Usernames and Passwords for the individuals you add. And remember, you can cancel a Guest User’s access at any time.

You can access Commercial Lines and Loans through Wells Fargo Business Online. This includes the ability to view balances, make principal payments, pay invoices, advance funds, and view account activity.