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Resolve Chargeback Tool — Reason Codes

Visa Reason Code 75/MasterCard Reason Code 63

Cardholder does not recognize transaction. (Visa)
Cardholder does not recognize - potential fraud (MasterCard)
The cardholder reviewed this transaction on their statement and contacted their bank, because they don't remember making this purchase.

To represent this Chargeback provide the following information.
  • What was purchased
  • Who purchased it
  • Where it was shipped
  • When it was shipped
Also be sure to include identification information about your business such as the URL or catalog name.

  • Be sure to provide the documentation by the due date to preserve your rights to dispute the Chargeback.
  • If the cardholder tells, you they are going to withdraw the Chargeback we recommend you still go ahead and represent the Chargeback to ensure you preserve your rights.

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