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Resolve Chargeback Tool

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Ready to process the chargebacks and retrieval requests that are an inevitable part of doing business? This tool provides a complete listing of chargeback codes and retrieval request codes. You'll get specific directions on what to do next, as well as timely tips on avoiding common errors.

You may be new to all this. Perhaps you've just started a new job...or your own business. You can get up to speed quickly at our two concise, informative Learn More pages that provide additional details about chargeback and retrieval requests.
Wells Fargo Merchant Services developed this tool to help you, our customer, save time and paperwork by efficiently representing a chargeback. Click on the appropriate card, then choose the reason code you need to know about.
Visa® Reason Codes
MasterCard® Reason Codes
Discover® Network Reason Codes
Discover Network has both numeric and alpha-numeric dispute reason codes. Your documentation may include either value.

Value     Reason Code     Description
'4750' AL Airline Transaction Dispute
'4541' AP Automatic Payment Dispute
'4586' AW Altered Amount Dispute
'4751' CA Cash Advance Dispute
'4550' CD Credit Posted as Card Sale
'4594' CR Cancelled Reservation
'4752' DA Declined Authorization
'4534' DP Duplicate Processing
'4535' EX Expired Card
'4502' IC Illegible Transaction Documentation
'4753' IN Invalid Card Number
'4584' IS Missing Signature
'4542' LP Late Presentation
'4754' NA No Authorization
'4554' NC Not Classified
'4755' RG Non-receipts of Goods or Services
'4553' RM Quality of Goods or Services Dispute
'4555' RN1Additional Credit Requested
'4555' RN2Credit Not Received
'4756' SVStored Value Dispute
'4757' TF Violation of Operating Regulations
'4540' UA Fraud Dispute

Retrieval Requests
A retrieval request is a customer request for more information about a transaction that appears on their credit card statement. Choose the appropriate credit card to view a complete list of reason codes.
Visa Reason Codes
28 - Cardholder Requests Copy Bearing Signature
29 - Request for T&E Documents
30 - Cardholder Dispute, Cardholder Request Draft
33 - Legal Process or Fraud Analysis
34 - Repeat Request for Copy
MasterCard Reason Codes
05 - Chargeback Support - Card Holder Does Not Agree with Amount Billed
21 - Cardholder Inquiry - Does Not Recognize Transaction (Merchant Name, City, State or Date)
22 - Cardholder Inquiry - Disagrees With Billing
23 - Cardholder Inquiry - Needs for Personal Records
24 - Cardholder Inquiry - No Reason Code
41 - Legal/Fraud - Signature Verification
42 - Potential Chargeback or Compliance Documentation
43 - Legal/Fraud - Imprint Verification
Discover Network Reason Codes
Discover Network has both numeric and alpha-numeric dispute reason codes. Your documentation may include either value.

Value   Reason Code   Description
'4750'ALAirline Transaction Dispute
'4541'APAutomatic Payment Dispute
'4586'AWAltered Amount Dispute
'4751'CA Cash Advance Dispute
'4550'CDCredit Posted as Card Sale
'4594'CR Cancelled Reservation
'4534'DPDuplicate Processing
'4554'NCNot Classified
'4755'RGNon-receipts of Goods or Services
'4553'RMQuality of Goods or Services Dispute
'4555'RN1Additional Credit Requested
'4555'RN2Credit Not Received
'4540'UA10Swiped Card Transaction - Proof of Valid Card Sale
'4540'UA20Keyed Card Transaction - Proof of Valid Card Sale
'4540'UA30Card Not Present Transaction - Proof of Delivery