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To improve the quality of life for the people, primarily, of Mitchell County, North Carolina, by supporting charitable organizations that are active in this area. This may extend to surrounding areas of western North Carolina upon special consideration, but the emphasis should be squarely upon the well-being, growth, and enhancement of Mitchell County.

Annual application deadlines

June 30 for an annual summer meeting

Program areas

Arts, culture, and humanities
Human services

States served

North Carolina

Geographic limitations

Grant must have a measurable impact within Mitchell County, North Carolina and, upon special consideration, the surrounding areas of western North Carolina.


  • In all references to the Samuel L. Phillips Family Foundation, whether written or verbal, the name IN ITS ENTIRETY must be used.
  • To be eligible, organizations must qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • The programs and services of the applicant must be consistent with the foundation’s mission and values.
  • The benefits of the grant must have a measurable impact within Mitchell County, North Carolina and, upon special consideration, the surrounding areas of western North Carolina.
  • Applications must be submitted through the online grant application form or alternative accessible application designed for assistive technology users.
  • Each application must include a letter of recommendation:
    1. Must be specific to the purpose of the grant request
    2. Must be addressed to the Samuel L. Phillips Family Foundation with a current date
    3. Must not be more than 2 pages in length


The foundation normally does not fund requests for:

  • Annual appeals or membership drives
  • Unrestricted endowment funds
  • Operating expenses of established organizations
  • Debt retirement of established organizations supported by the United Way
  • Grants to individuals
  • Recurring grants

All applicants must have the financial ability to sustain the funded program or project on a continuing basis.

Required conditions

Each successful grant applicant will be required to sign a statement agreeing to the following conditions:

  • Grant funds must be used entirely for the purposes approved by the board of the Samuel L. Phillips Family Foundation.
  • Any funds not expended or committed for the purposes of the grant must be returned to the foundation.
  • Upon the completion of the project for which the grant was awarded or within 6 months of the date of the grant, whichever is earlier, each grantee must submit a progress report.
  • It is the policy of the foundation not to authorize public announcements regarding the details of a grant without its permission. However, the foundation does not object to its name being included in a listing of donors as long as such list does not reference the specific amount of the grant.

Annual application period and deadlines

Applications are accepted year-round. Applications must be submitted by June 30 to be reviewed at the annual summer meeting.


Applications will receive an automated email confirming their submission. Grant decisions are generally communicated by September for applications received by the deadline.

About the Foundation

The Samuel L. Phillips Family Foundation, established in 2000, was funded to benefit the western North Carolina Appalachian Mountain area. Both Sam and Jewel were depression-era children of large families who learned early the importance of hard work and education as a means of achievement. Having a solid education, they each traveled extensively; exposing themselves to what the world had to offer. They chose, however, to move back to their home, Mitchell County, North Carolina, to raise a family. They put their visionary skills and experiences to work in the area, which prospered accordingly.

While Sam and Jewel cherished their homeland, they also saw beyond geographical boundaries and worked hard to ensure that new opportunities were accessible for isolated areas. They raised their three children (the original board) with a strong sense of the guiding principle of ”giving back.”

Hard workers themselves, Sam and Jewel would expect all applicants to have high qualifications, a strong purpose connected to the foundation’s goals, and be well-prepared and professional in the execution of foundation-related matters.