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Fuel for Growth (Video)

Wells Fargo Investment Institute - August 23, 2016

WFII Senior Global Equity Strategist Scott Wren offers insights on which sectors investors should be paying attention to over the next few years which may yield the best possible returns.

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Transcript: Fuel for Growth

To a great degree, the growth of the US economy depends on what you and I do everyday. 

As consumers, our spending is one of the chief drivers of economic expansion. In fact, a whopping 70% of our economy is attributed to our consumer activity. And today, consumers are more confident due to an improved labor market, rising wages and lower energy prices. 

Increased confidence typically leads to increased consumer spending. Which in turn, helps expand the economy and the middle class and fuels innovation and entrepreneurship. 

In coming years, we believe consumer activity will remain strong. And that, along with rapid improvements in technology, should boost business productivity and improve the bottom line for some sectors of the economy.

Today we see growth opportunities developing all around us. The challenge down the road is going to be to try to take advantage of those. [There you go.] 

To find out which sectors investors should be paying attention to, and which markets around the globe we think may provide the best returns over the next few years, download our special Wells Fargo Investment Institute report "Fuel for Growth".