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Annuities and Your Road to Retirement

An annuity can provide you with guaranteed lifetime income and help you increase tax-deferred savings as part of your overall retirement savings plan.

Do you have the income you need for your road through retirement?

An annuity is a customizable financial product that may provide you with guaranteed income throughout retirement.

According to a 2021 report from the Insured Retirement Institute, 87 percent of American workers believe it is important that the income from savings is guaranteed for life.

Annuities provide a number of benefits:

Market Protection

Annuities may offer protection from market downturns, so no matter what happens in the market, your income is secure and consistent, allowing you to plan for your lifestyle.

Guaranteed Income for Life

Whether you live until you’re 90 or 100, an annuity may provide you with guaranteed income to help you achieve your goals throughout retirement.

Growth Potential

An annuity may grow with the market, helping your savings keep up with or exceed inflation.

Tax Deferral

You won’t pay taxes on your account’s growth until you begin receiving disbursements, giving your earnings more time to compound.

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