The Private Bank Online Experience – Wells Fargo Advisors

In coordination with The Private Bank, you are able to view your Wells Fargo Advisors brokerage account information, including balances, order status, and current positions, or get details by filtering on transaction type, date range, and/or symbol.*

You can also transfer funds between your bank and brokerage accounts, including contributions to your IRA account, view/modify pending transfers, and view transfer history.

Plus, access real-time quotes, stock reports, research notes, and ratings from Standard & Poor’s and Morningstar®.

Wells Fargo Advisors

The Account Summary page provides you with an overview of all of your brokerage accounts. This lets you see the value of your entire portfolio — and each individual account — on one easy-to-read page.

You can sort by account name or account number, refresh your account balances with intraday values, and nickname your accounts for easy reference.
On the Account Activity page, you can retrieve up to 12 months of past account activity, and sort transactions by Date/Range, Activity Type (Buys & Sells, Interest/Dividends, Deposits & Withdrawals, etc.) or Symbol.
Monitor your portfolio and get detailed position information on all securities in a selected brokerage account, an account group, or your entire household. With the Portfolio page, you can quickly review information on held securities by asset class, using pre-set views (Holdings, Unrealized Gain/Loss, Estimated Annual Income, Asset Allocation, or Realized Gain/Loss ) or customize your own view.
You can opt out of receiving paper statements via regular mail and securely access all of your brokerage statements online. Documents are presented exactly the same as the paper version you receive in the mail. View, print or save up to seven years of document history.