The Private Bank Online Experience – Account Activity

The Account Activity page displays up to 90 days of history for your account, including deposits, withdrawals, payments, purchases, interest payments, interest earned, plus access to images of checks written or deposited. You can easily download your bank account activity to Intuit Quicken, QuickBooks, or spreadsheet software file format.

Account Activity

With this easy-to-use dropdown feature, you can access all of your accounts here, in one place. Select the account you wish to view. Then click the Go button to see a list of your account transactions.
If you would like to filter the Transactions list based on deposits, withdrawals, checks, or something else, use the dropdown menu in Show Transactions. You can also adjust the date range. If you are looking for something more specific, use “Find Transactions” to search based on a keyword, amount, check number, or date.
You can easily organize transaction information. Click a column heading to sort by Date, Description, Deposits/Additions, or Withdrawals/Subtractions.
See which checks have cleared and which deposits and debit card purchases have posted.