Managing wealth through IPO planning

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If you own a stake in a private company and you're planning to go public, this is an exciting and critical time for you.

Wells Fargo Private Bank will help you reach your goals by offering a collaborative and personal approach to managing your wealth by balancing risks with expected returns. Whether you are looking to invest in a new startup business, create a philanthropic legacy, or secure your retirement, effective IPO planning is vital to keeping you on a solid path as you approach your liquidity event.

4 stages of IPO planning

Stage One. Before the S-1 filing: Establish a plan to take care of you and your family.
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The pre-IPO planning stage is about establishing an understanding of your current situation and the future goals of you and your family so you can begin building a roadmap. Hiring three key advisors — an attorney, an accountant, and a wealth advisor like The Private Bank who has experience working with clients in situations similar to yours — will enable you to fully understand the regulations governing public company stock ownership. During this stage, consider your strategy for exercising stock options, gifting shares, and managing risk.
Stage Two. After the IPO but before your lock-up period is over: Create an effective long-term strategy.
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Involve the key people in your life and clearly define your short- and long-term goals. The Private Bank can help you analyze those goals and create a financial plan to accomplish your objectives. It will be important to review your liability exposure, evaluate refinancing debt, consider your lifestyle aspirations and plan for purchases you may want to make when you're able to begin selling shares.
Stage Three. After the lock-up period: Activate your plan.
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When you partner with an experienced wealth advisor like The Private Bank, we can help you understand the legal and regulatory requirements of becoming a public company executive. Techniques like 10b5-1 plans can help protect your exposure to fluctuations in the price of the stock. We can guide you in protecting your lifestyle, implementing an investment plan, tax-efficiently liquidating shares, managing tax liabilities, and establishing cash flow and cash management strategies.
Stage Four. Investing for your future: Achieve your financial goals.
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Going through your company's IPO is not a one-time planning event. Your circumstances and family dynamics may continue to change over time and your financial plan needs to evolve as well. Continuing to work with an advisor like The Private Bank will enable you to periodically adjust your financial plan to meet changing needs and circumstances — rebalance your investment portfolio, review your insurance coverage, and manage your philanthropic goals for giving back to your community.
IPO planning is essential to understanding how to manage your wealth. Your team of professionals at The Private Bank will advise and guide you through your exit event, addressing issues such as: Financial Planning — Investment Management — Cash Management & Cash Flow Strategies — Risk Management — Trust & Estate Solutions.

We have the experience of working with many others in similar situations who are developing an exit strategy. So when you're ready to start a conversation about creating a customized financial plan, we're ready to go to work for you.
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