Beth Renner, National Director of Philanthropic Services, shares insights on the value of having a giving strategy and how The Private Bank can help.

Transcript: Inside Our Philanthropic Team – Helping You Plan Your Giving

Speaker: Beth Renner, National Director of Philanthropic Services


Basically, what it is, it really starts with understanding the values that you want your philanthropy to represent.

We match that with the areas of funding and then we build out a plan of where you want -- what organizations within that area of funding that you want to support.

And it's amazing when we take a look at historical giving of our -- of our clients and we say here is where you have historically given your resources to that oftentimes, there's a mismatch between what their values -- they say their values represent and what they are doing for giving, and so it creates maybe a moment of unlock for them, of saying I can be more intentional with my giving so that it matches up the values that I want to be represented.