Life Management Services

Life transitions can be challenging, both personally and financially. As you age, you want to know you’re prepared for the additional support you may need to maintain your quality of life.

Wells Fargo Private Bank works with you, your extended family, and your professional advisors to address the day-to-day concerns of managing your wealth and maintaining your personal independence.

Maintaining your independence

Our Life Management Services specialists are committed to working with you to help maintain your dignity and quality of life so that you may be able to remain personally and financially independent.

Depending on your situation, you may not need all of our services at any one time. We work with you to address your most pressing needs first and attend to other concerns as they arise. Our Life Management Services may work with you to:

  • Assess your current situation and support systems
  • Coordinate health care access 
  • Manage assets and liabilities 
  • Process medical claims
  • Prepare federal tax returns and pay tax bills

Creating a life management plan

We can help develop a customized care plan based on your individual needs, resources, and goals. We start by coordinating a comprehensive assessment performed by a health professional, including an evaluation of physical, medical, and psychological needs.

After the assessment is complete, we coordinate with your family doctor, attorney, CPA, and members of your team at The Private Bank to implement a plan — with services and options chosen specifically to address your needs and well-being.

Tailored solutions 

Every life management situation is different, but some common concerns drive our review and planning process. We can work with you to:

  • Address your housing needs, including accessibility modifications or relocation 
  • Serve as your advocate by identifying and addressing roadblocks you may face as you access required services
  • Help maintain lines of communication between caregivers, professional advisors, and family
Solutions to fit your needs
Life Management Services - The Private Bank - Wells Fargo

Life transitions can affect the whole family — parents, children, and grandchildren. Managing wealth during these times requires tools and resources to help you make important decisions. At The Private Bank, we offer services and solutions for managing wealth, including:

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