Initial Public Offering (IPO) Wealth Planning

Whether you are looking to invest in a new startup business, create a philanthropic legacy, or secure your retirement, effective wealth planning during the Initial Public Offering (IPO) process is vital to keeping you on a solid path as you approach your liquidity event.

The stages of planning during an IPO

Stage 1: Plan ahead

We’ll work with you to fully understand your current situation and your goals. We’ll also work with your attorney and accountant to help you understand regulations governing public company stock ownership. During this stage, we’ll consider your strategy for exercising stock options, gifting shares, and managing risk. 

Stage 2: Build your strategy

In the strategy stage, we can help you analyze your goals and create a financial plan to accomplish your objectives. It will be important to review your liability exposure, evaluate refinancing debt, consider your lifestyle aspirations, and plan for purchases you may want to make when you're able to begin selling shares.

Stage 3: Activate your plan

We can help you understand the legal and regulatory requirements of becoming a public company executive. Options such as 10b5-1 plans can help protect your exposure to fluctuations in the stock price. We can guide you in protecting your lifestyle, implementing an investment plan, liquidating shares tax efficiently, managing tax liabilities, and establishing cash flow and cash management strategies.

Reach your goals

Going through an IPO is not a one-time planning event. Your circumstances and family dynamics will continue to change over time and your financial plan needs to evolve as well. We’ll work with you to periodically adjust your financial plan, to rebalance your investment portfolio, review your insurance coverage, and manage your philanthropic goals.

How we work with you

Your team of professionals at Wells Fargo Private Bank will advise and guide your wealth planning decisions during each stage of the IPO process, and will address the following considerations at every stage:

  • Investment management
  • Cash management and cash flow strategies
  • Risk management
  • Financial planning 
  • Trust and estate solutions
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