Investment Management

You are invested — in your family, your business, and your health. Your financial investments can help you live the lifestyle you desire, secure your legacy, and help support your goals.

Meeting tomorrow’s goals while managing today’s risks requires a long-term view of investing. Our investment management approach has helped generations of clients effectively achieve their goals.

A dedicated team of specialists

Our approach involves engaging a dedicated team of specialists to provide you with the highest level of personalized service. To tailor your portfolio, we use our consistent process for research, structure, strategy, and risk management.

To help you meet your investing goals, you have access to a wide range of investments and investing strategies through our in-house specialists in a variety of fields. You also have access to leading investment managers around the world.

By choosing to work with Wells Fargo Private Bank as your discretionary portfolio manager, you are selecting a team that works for your best interest. We put your needs and expectations first and strive to do so with skill and care.

A personalized approach to investment management

We customize your investment plan to align with your specific situation and complement your existing financial portfolio.

  • We identify an appropriate asset allocation strategy based on your needs for liquidity, income, and the time horizon of your other financial goals.
  • Our asset allocation approach combines equities, fixed income, real assets, and complementary strategies with intent to optimize the relationship between risk and return.
  • We offer research-driven, short-term, portfolio recommendations based on market conditions.
  • If you have investments such as real estate, business partnerships, or mineral land rights, we are experienced in integrating specialty assets into your overall investment plan.

Balance investment growth and preservation

To help your portfolio weather changing markets, we apply our rigorous and disciplined methods for due diligence and structured portfolio rebalancing.

With attention to balancing growth and preserving your investments, we regularly monitor your asset allocation (the mix of different types of investment instruments you own). This is an important tool in seeking to enhance returns and manage risk in your portfolio.

Evaluate and manage risk

We review your portfolio annually to help you identify, manage, and address a broad range of concerns. Using our Risk Optics® philosophy, we evaluate multiple sources of risk beyond historical volatility to customize our advice to your unique circumstances.

When proposing risk management solutions, we consider:

  • Tax efficiency based on your specific situation and goals
  • Your needs to increase assets, preserve capital, and generate income
  • Timing necessary to achieve specific financial goals or for the needs of any dependent family members
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