A Focus on Portfolio Construction

Discover how our investment process integrates industry best practices in portfolio construction.

Transcript: A Focus on Portfolio Construction

A Focus on Portfolio Construction

We believe that having a rigorous yet flexible and diverse portfolio construction framework is key to investment management.

At The Private Bank, we construct your investment portfolio using three building blocks. This approach allows us to provide access to a broad range of customized strategies that seek to enhance after-tax returns. 

The core is the foundation of the portfolio and its role is to provide low cost and tax efficient exposure to market returns. 

The enhanced core includes a distinctive blend of complimentary strategies designed to take advantage of unique market opportunities while optimizing risk return drivers.

Satellite positions provide access to alternative strategies, and emerging and frontier markets to add further diversification. 

This tailored process allows us to build an investment portfolio based on your objectives, current market opportunities and risk tolerance. 

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