See how a well-diversified four asset group portfolio can provide the optimal approach to working towards your investment goals.

Transcript: A Focus on Asset Allocation

A Focus on Asset Allocation

When pursuing your specific investment goals, a well-diversified portfolio can help you meet your needs.

Asset Allocation

At Wells Fargo Private Bank, asset allocation serves as the foundation of our investment process. We believe a well-diversified four asset group portfolio provides the optimal approach to working towards your investment goals 

Our approach leverages:

  • Equities  
  • Fixed Income 
  • Real Assets, (such as commodities and Real Estate) and
  • Alternative Investments, (such as hedge funds and private capital for qualified investors.)

To help determine your appropriate asset allocation strategy, we consider several factors including your investment goals, time horizon and risk tolerance.  

Why diversification is important

As market conditions change over time, assets such as equities, bonds and cash can react differently. While equities can be a primary contributor to the growth potential in a diversified portfolio, uncorrelated assets such as bonds and cash can provide return potential when equity markets correct. By constructing a well-diversified portfolio and appropriate asset allocation we are able to help you mitigate some of the risk while providing opportunity for potential growth.


To help implement an asset allocation strategy based on your needs, your investment strategist chooses from a wide range of investment offerings, including:  Passive and Active management strategies, In-house and third party solutions, tax efficient investing, social impact investing and private placements, all of which are carefully researched by the experienced financial team of the Wells Fargo Investment Institute and selected for use in your portfolio by your investment strategist. 

With a keen focus on a well-diversified portfolio, appropriate asset allocation and insights from Wells Fargo Investment Institute we can help you meet your specific investment objectives.

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