Paying America's Bills

What Investors Should Know About How the U.S. Government Manages Its Finances

In this series, the Wells Fargo Investment Institute examines how current fiscal trends related to the federal budget could affect your investments.

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Transcript: Paying America's Bills

Many American families today have debt.

Whether it's from a mortgage loan, credit cards, or financing college tuition, most of us carry some amount of debt in our lifetime. And although the federal government's debt doesn't operate in quite the same way as your average household's debt, the concept is similar - when spending outpaces income, they go into debt to payoff the difference.

And in most years, the government spends more than it brings in. In fact, today the federal government's total outstanding debt is over $19 trillion. That comes to about $60,000 per citizen.

The US is facing a number of fiscal trends that will most certainly impact economic growth and investment returns for decades to come.

In this series, we examine how these trends could affect your investments, and how our government will focus on: Paying America's Bills.


What Investors Should Know About How the U.S. Government Manages Its Finances

A compilation of the five installments from the "Paying America's Bills" series.

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Looking Ahead at Potential Investor Impacts

Investors should watch for potential warning signs of a growing debt problem and what can be done to address it.

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Exploring Entitlement and Demographic Trends

The largest portion of mandatory spending requirements comes from Social Security. If left unchanged, demographic trends may impact benefits.

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Higher Debt but With Lower Financing Cost – For Now

Interest expense costs related to the federal budget would remain manageable, but the trend would be concerning.

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Going Behind the Debt Numbers

The federal debt’s size is staggering at more than $19 trillion, but the raw numbers do not tell the full story.

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Cutting Through the Federal Budget Fog

What investors should know about how the U.S. government manages its finances.

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