Global Quantitative Strategist Sameer Samana, CFA® discusses how disruptive technologies and market volatility may provide investment opportunities.

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Transcript: Disruptions and Volatility

Presenter: Sameer Samana, CFA®, Global Quantitative Strategist, Wells Fargo Investment Institute

In case you haven't noticed...more and more people are enjoying the mobile cuisine trend. In fact, one study expects the food truck industry to be a $2.7 billion business by 2017. You know, in some ways the food truck could be considered a market disruptor, something that challenges traditional business models and redefines market strategy. They're a great example of how aspiring entrepreneurs are using innovative technology, and inventing new ways of delivering products and services. In fact, in the coming years, we believe many other industries will benefit from successful disruptions, as powerful new technology creates new opportunities and brings about changes that can enrich our daily lives. Now don't get me wrong. Not all disruptors are positive. Some, like economic uncertainty and geopolitical tensions, can lead to volatility and are likely to continue. (thank you) But, historically, periodic volatility can bring potential opportunities for investors and may actually be the best time to invest. There will always be market disruptions. But, we believe investors, much like innovative entrepreneurs, who can look beyond the short-term and focus on long-term trends, will be rewarded. So, how do you sort through all the disruptors and find the opportunities? Download our special Wells Fargo Investment Institute report: "Disruptions and Volatility-where to invest when the markets are in perpetual motion."