The roles consumers, commodities, and currencies play in the world economy and how they can help shape the markets.

Transcript: Consumers, Commodities, and Currencies

Let's look at the effect consumers, commodities and currency have on the US economy.

Generally speaking, in a growing economy consumer confidence is typically higher and people spend more money.

When prices decline for commodities, for example, when oil prices are low, making prices at the gas pump lower, consumers can generally buy what they need for less and have more cash left for other spending, like travel or luxury items.

The value of currency - in our case, the U.S. dollar - helps determine the amount of goods and services consumers can purchase.

When the dollar appreciates, the prices of U.S. imports often become cheaper.

Today, commodity prices have stabilized, the dollar is stronger versus other currencies, and consumer confidence appears to be upbeat.

All signs that the recovery should persist well into 2017.

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