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Transcript: Head Global Market Strategist Paul Christopher, CFA®

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I get the question a lot about what's a global market strategist. 

Some people think it's something rather exotic, but really, that's someone who looks for investment opportunities around the whole world. 

I got bitten by the travel bug in the mid-60s. My parents took us to the Dominican Republic for my father's work for two years. That's where I decided that I really loved learning about other cultures. I made some really great friends there, and since then, I've studied overseas, I've worked overseas, and now I even do quite a bit of research work overseas.

Traveling is such a discovery process. Every time I go, I meet someone new or I renew an old friendship, an old acquaintance. I mean these are business people I'm meeting with, analysts, some of them are government officials, and each time I learn something new that I hadn't thought about if I just sit here and read things.

Well, three traits I think make me suited for this role as a global market strategist. First, I'm patient, which means I have views on markets, but I also put a lot of energy into finding where we could be wrong. Secondly, I'm balanced. That means that I like to tell investors what I think but also to be blunt about where we see risks and let the investors decide. But most of all, I love research.

I've been doing research on politics and economics since I was 14 when I used to collect and summarize newspaper articles on Latin American and Soviet politics and economics for my dad who was a university political scientist. My dad was a teacher all his life and I think I caught the bug from him. So, I love to teach. It's my way to give back. I've been teaching over 35 years now in all sorts of situations and it's really still something I want to do every day.

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